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  1. worked with fandc and sunrise, my suggestion is sunrise. I think you can work on them for low and mid rate servers easy. never tried mobius though
  2. I mean your GM after the Test Phase as Trial GM will not getting any payment for his job
  3. Not sure what was the problem actually. I just reinstall centos instead of windows. looks like windows are not good solution :D
  4. Yes looks like the whole dedicated is lagging and etc.so GS aswell and then game aswell. But my question is: Can a windows server cause a problem like this? I mean, right now, looks like I cannot run a server on windows OS. Also maybe depending on files which I am using? or nothing to do with it?
  5. Hello, I would like to ask, if someone knows or had same issue with me. I am running a test server on windows dedicated, and looks like the game server stucks (Game server console not responding & in game the client stucks. server has to close abnormal and re-run the gameserver, in order to unstuck)from time to time. and I am wondering if the problem is the dedicated which is running on windows or not. Cause looks like it is. Thanks
  6. Hello Jabber, i bought the zeus engine a year ago.Accept my skype request please (l2services_2), i have some issues. Keep the good working Thank in advance