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  1. Αφού το έκανες Edit ρε ζώο! « Last Edit: Today at 10:38:03 AM by ŜiŕBǔttǿńž »
  2. ŜiŕBǔttǿńž είσαι άκυρος... Το RateDropItems είναι αυτό...
  3. FAIL Διάβασε τα config του... # List of items affected by custom drop rate by id, used now for Adena rate too. # Usage: itemId1,dropChance1;itemId2,dropChance2;... # Note: Make sure the lists do NOT CONTAIN trailing spaces or spaces between the numbers! # Example for Raid boss 1x jewelry: 6656,1;6657,1;6658,1;6659,1;6660,1;6661,1;6662,1;8191,1;10170,1;10314,1; # Default: 57,1 RateDropItemsById = 57,1
  4. I already given him one :D Γιατί ρε σε προσέβαλα;
  5. Θες να σε πω γιατί πήγα -3 και να φάω ban κατευθείαν;
  6. 6/4/2010 4:00 pm R.I.P Devangell™ Banned Παρέα με τον χρήστο τώρα... xD
  7. Junked! Έγινα MOD είδες; ^^
  8. can u give the patch because the site dont work :S
  9. the enchant of dagger i think is only for the color
  10. Bloody kaneme sto msn add se auto p s edwsa na s pw mia den mporw na steilw pm!
  11. You have exceeded the limit of 10 personal messages per hour. wtf? O_o http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=995.msg531000#new teh_giorgos@hotmail.com opios thelei na me brei... sto sigkekrimeno msn den mpenw poli gt kapios m to gamise me spam emails...
  12. oti personal message k na steilate kolise to mxc... leei MY MESSAGES[1] k den mporw na dw ta new! ban me now! Webmonster eisai megalos malakas e?