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  1. Hello. I want to sell adena on L2 Dragon H5 server. i got 60b+ Selling cheap! Pm me here or write for skype. Kind Regards !
  2. Trusted! Big Recommend! Everything perfect and quick as hell!
  3. you should write what server, mate
  4. Hello. I got for sell on server High Five - Beyond x3 : WC - 78lvl DC set SE - 79lvl + Kookabura + DC set Selling as well some stuff adena/bits. Pm for more info if u interested
  5. Hello. I got for sell: Characters: Warlord - 85/75/75/75 - Certs/Skills all +-15. Vesper Noble Light Set +6 / Vesper Stormer +7 /300/Haste Shilien Knight 85lvl - SOS Moirai Heavy Foundation set +6/+7/+8 lvl7 Vesper Cutter +7/300 And some adena. Everything Cheap as helll... :) If interested pm me or answer in Topic. Regards!
  6. Very fast and Trusted person! Great deals ! Highly Recommend !!! ;)
  7. WTB> Adena on L2Classic.ws - Scammers fuk off..... write private massage please
  8. Becerful. Scammer. He got just screenshots from WL 76 solded some time ago. Check before you buy. Difreny screenshot from Adena/DP (difrent game client) . Always for screenshot showing is correct server. Guy changing nicks on skype and here. Check always Joined date on Forum
  9. I will buy Adena, Items, Col on La2dream x50 Interlude. pm me here on Skype PLS Skype: rogalikik
  10. Of course i will start to play after beta. Becouse i hope you saying truth. I wish your dreams come true and finally server will be Online with full of people for more then 3 months. I will check you !
  11. Good Server? You open couple months ago and close after 2 months? Now will be the same? Who can do good server now, well balanced? No one ! Becouse everyone want to make money on Donations !
  12. Hi! I will buy adena / col / items (weapons,armors,jawerly, epic) I need full gear 2 chars <-- Write private massage please with info or with skype thank you
  13. Trusted 100% Amazing nice guy ! Perfect attitude ! More people like him ! Thank you :)
  14. Hi. I want to trade my adena on Core server for adena on Ramona server. Of course not 1:1. We will talk about conditions. Leave massage here or write to me on skype: rogalikik
  15. Hi. I have for sell Adena - very cheap on L2Dragon server x50 I got as well for sell: Shilien Knight (SoS) 85lvl - Nobles/Subclass Ghost Hunter (AW) 85lvl - Nobles/Subclass Storm Screamer 85lvl + some items Write to me massage here or my skype: rogalikik PayPall only please.