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  1. Selling 84lvl Archmage on Blue Essence server Elemental Burst learned Circlet of Hero+5 Daimon Crystal +5 + 13lvl Iss + 13lvl Feoh runes Mj robe/dc helmet/mj gauntlets (sealed), dc boots Mj sigil +4 (+1500hp aug) Toi rings +5/+3 Dv earings +5/+3 Valakas Necklace Dragon Belt +6 Cloak Of Protection +6 Einhasad Pendant 2lvl Agathion Bracelet 5lvl (Nebula/Procella/Ignis/Joy/Petram all +5) Talisman Bracelet 4lvl (Aden+7/Authority+5/Eva+6/Venir 8lvl) Brooch 4lvl (Coral 2lvl/Onyx 2lvl/Moonstone 2lvl/Spinel 3lvl Fire spi
  2. Hello. Selling 83lvl Spellsinger on L2Europa x7 classic 3.3 server (Premium account for 2 more weeks) Staff of evil spirits+9 + Super feohs 8lvl empower Dc robe set +7/6/6/6 Special White sayha's cloak Valkyrie Hat STR+1 INT+1 +6 Earth dragon belt Water dragon pendant 5lvl +8 TOI Talisman 6lvl Radiant Talisman 4lvl Agathion Virgo +6 Agathion Aquarius +6 Agathion Capricorn +6 Brooch 3lvl with plenty of jewels lvl4/3 Full rb jewel 3lvl (limited) for around ~40days /baium orfen aq dolls (limited) for around ~30days Full
  3. https://maxcheaters.com/profile/226526-crawlingfromhell/ Went missing after receiving payment.
  4. Bow of Peril +5 (othell focus 4lvl) Plated Leather Set +8 Refined Rb Jewel Set (20days) Assasin's Bamboo Hat Bracelet Of Duty 2lvl Talisman Of Insolence 3lvl All skills learned Full wh of C-B-A items, enchants, life stones, materials, runes, insolence energy. PRICE - 35€ Contact me here for more information or : Discord - Gytav #3871 Skype - chaotick2 SOLD
  5. 40.24 lvl Phantom Ranger - Reinforced long bow +3, moon l set, mid-top D jewel. (with mail) - 40€ (Sold) 40 lvl Prophet - Moon r set, novice stuff. (with mail) - 20€ Both accounts non-vip Accepting skrill Skype : chaotick2
  6. Account comes with email. Vesper dual daggers + 5 (7lvl att) Dynasty L set +6 (7lvl att) Light Assassin costume attached to the armor Freya cloak Vorpal/Vesper jewel Cp shirt +4 +20/25 skills Clan with full skills Many items in inventory 10€ Contact me here or : Skype : chaotick2 Discord: Gytav#3871
  7. Account comes with mail attached. 83lvl EE Nobless (75lvl sws). Dc robe set/ a jewel Dynasty Sigil C grade sword+acu ( passive magic clarity augment) 82lvl Kookaburra 100kk adena in inventory. +8/10 skills Legendary tales quest (vesper weapon) almost done. (Muscle bomber left) PRICE - 20EURO Contact me here for more information or : Skype : chaotick2 Discord: Gytav#3871
  8. Bow of peril +6 + othell's 6lvl Bw heavy set Phoenix jewel (Bo necklace) Light cloak Laborers hat +1str +1int Full inventory/wh of B grade items/mats/parts. Discord: Gytav#3871 Skype: chaotick2