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  1. hi guys, i'm having a problem, since it's my first time handling IIS server. I can not pass the login panel, because after login it gives me this error. This is after the Auth first error (HttpContext is obsolete). Have any idea how i can fix this? I searched..
  2. hi guys. i've installed L2ACP on my server also. But now i have a problem.
  3. thanks. does anyone know how to modify the orientation of a NPC? the pitch?
  4. Hi guys, i've got a problem, similar to this, i've generated the key with the generator, but it keeps prompting on CacheD launching that i have to insert Serial Key, and keeps going on like this. I'm guessing that there is a problem with the registry or something, since it used to work and now it doesn't anymore. Any help?
  5. No, there is a problem with AuthD script. I solved it out. I have a question. When walking, you got a "rewind" effect with the camera, like you're walking and then suddenly you its like repeating the same route. Don't know if I have been explicit enough.
  6. I've got a little problem with AuthD. Can someone help / give me a hint where should i look? All database is alright, as it should. Thanks!
  7. Hello guys. I've got a question, in order to replace the DLL file that Pulentolento was talking about, what do i have to compile? Little help here, i'm new in L2OFF developing. Thanks guys.
  8. Alrighty then ! Thank you alot. I'll try my best to figure it out! Very helpful tips.
  9. Thanks for the fast answer. I appreciate! @Tryskell, i understood your point, it is some way the same as L2GuardInstance with returnHome(), but i don't really got it how i should implement it. If you can give me few more tips, it would be great. Thanks !!
  10. Hello guys. I'd like to know how i can change the distance that a mob is following me either if i attack him and become aggro or if the monster is set as agro. So you can understand better what i am saying / want to do i give on example. I want to make a farm zone with some monsters and i don't want that Pole chars to be able to "steal" drift away all the mobs in that area and leave the area empty, so after few "meters", the monster stop following and return to his initial position ( with this thing, the Pole characters can't drift away all the mobs ). I read in forums what Tryskell said, but unfortunetly i couldn't understand exaclty what he wanted to explain and to be honest, the method with MAX_ATTACK_TIMEOUT won't help me so much. Thank you and looking for an answer soon.
  11. ok, i'll try my best! Edit * Alright, i manage to change that to what i wanted. Another thing is, that i want to add sounds to : trade successfully dagger skills critical sound and more, i'd like to know from where should i begin, also i want to do this to all actions and then to give to you guys to submit it on the client. Little help here.
  12. Hi guys. I try to make my server with no level cutoff (level difference between chars). For example, if i am lvl 78 - 80 and i want to level up a character which is level 1 or 10, to be possible. At the moment, the char that is low level won`t take any exp / sp. I tried, as i saw in forums, to put the PartyExpCuttOff method on auto, or even level and put 0. and nothing changes. Can anybody help me? Thanks!
  13. There is a problem which i tried to fix. 1st - Whenever you try to target the npc buffer, if you are a bit far from npc, it wont follow it until it reaches to him. 2nd - When you click on it, i doesn`t turn to the player, as it should be. I tried to fix them myself but with no results. @SweeTs can you help me on this? Thanks. P.S. I used the AI_INTENTION_INTERACT instead of INTERACT but the npc behaves like i described. When used INTERACT if you run to it / walk to it, 1st it says that "You can`t use buffer while you are in combat", then on the 2nd click it goes for showMessageWindow(player);