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  1. WTB 500k adena on Giran Only from trusted. Paypal. PM offers.
  2. WTS Adena 0.55e / kk - no stock atm. SWS lvl78 + 4.55 bil exp in scrolls WC lvl80 Tyrant lvl68 AW lvl52 +6 bw robe set +7 soes sold +7 dmg sold +8 bellion sold +16 Tarbar sold pm here on forum with offers can use middle man. paypal.
  3. as title says. dont care about equip or scrolls i just need it for dances. pm your offers here on forum
  4. WTS: EE 64 60 euros or 40kk adena BD 63 Sold Spoiler 63 Sold PP 58 Sold Tyrant 56 Sold On all chars there are xp scrolls, runes etc. They are all naked. All accounts have clean personal info. Please pm offers. I accept paypal and adena too. Middleman is not a problem if you are willing to pay for the fee.
  5. Wts SE 64 naked. ( Wizard hat:) ) pm offers euros or adena. middle man no problem.
  6. WTS th lv71.6 naked. On the same account Phantom summoner 57 naked. 80 euros or adena paypal I am also interested in trading it for a bishop! Middle man is OK.