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  1. 200kk adena / 0,75 euro per mil Mail me here on maxheaters for Skype or discord talks.
  2. Character: Lvl 80 Ghost hunter on skelth with +9 str -2dex/-1con, 4th Buffslot book learned, all skills, 200m sp, tons of xp scrolls 100m / Exp buffs / lvl 4 bracelet of duty and 600 daily coins / 270 water ele atk /Lvl 4 dia, pearl, lvl 3 ruby, jade, sapp, garnet etc. Alt chars on account lvl 59 Hawkeye, lvl 65 Destroyer, lvl 44 Bishop. 500 euro Boxes Sword muse lvl 78 100 Euro 6 Sell slots Spectral dancer lvl 78 100 Euro Warsmith lvl 56, most B recs learned Doomcryer lvl 79 250 Euro All skills learned Hierophant lvl 80 330 Euro All skills learned Adena 0.475e/m Stock 1
  3. Trusted, bought 400kk adena just now, quick and good response from him!
  4. Its on Skelth, i dont think any other server got them at this moment. ill add that to my thread.
  5. Buying, as it says WTB Santa cloak in description, whoever clicks this thread might have thought "Oh! he wants to buy a santa cloak!". But i suppose i think better of people than i should....