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  1. WTB pwlvl on giran 1-70+ Trusted ppl or we deal with a middleman.
  2. Hi, WTB AW/GH or PW/WR 70+ on GIRAN NA BIG plus if you have Pendant lvl 4-5 +9 can buy w/o pendant too PM me with info and your price. If I dont know you, we will use middleman.
  3. Hi, Im looking for the following items on Skelth. +3 STR -1 CON dyes x6- adena or € +3 STR -1 DEX dyes x20 - adena or € TOI VI - for adena Middleman if you dont have vouches. Contact me here, thx.
  4. Wts on skelth Toi6 - SOLD Bop +10 - SOLD Doom la set +6 - SOLD Doom hvy set +6 Adena 500kk - SOLD Santa cloak - SOLD Dama +7 DD +8 Agathion 4- SOLD Quiver B grade -SOLD BO set +3/4 -SOLD 78 SR -SOLD TOI 4, Lots of xp scrolls, 100%runes, have some xp scrolls 77 PW Xo scrolls til close to 78 78 DA Xp scrolls til close to 79, TOI 4 65 BD Lots of scrolls, runes 59 PP I will only deal with trusted ppl or deal through a middle man. All will go rly cheap if u buy more.
  5. Bought some adena last friday. did 2 transaction all went good.
  6. As title says. Lvl 40-++ Pm ur offers here.
  7. Cant pm u... price on: sws 68 Wc 73 Dc 77