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  1. Hi All, I had some crit errors the other day while working on my Interlude server whenever I wanted to change from full screen to windowed. So I did a complete reinstall.. After the reinstall I click the l2.exe in my system folder, and after a short loading sign beside the cursor nothing happens. I only see this in the task manager: I tried already to run it in other compatibility modes, but nothing works. I downloaded another "newer" Interlude client installer, but again, it won't work.... I'm pretty sure if I would
  2. Nevesoma helped me out: I have to write the text like this into html: <img src = utxname.utxname height= width=>
  3. Could anyone send me a download link to a working l2tool which doesn't look like this? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the guide! Although I have the following problem: Somehow only a black picture appears... What is the problem? I did everything like in the guide :s (transparent logo)
  5. Hi everyone! I am looking for a decent website template, including a working donation panel for a C6 L2j server. Also interested for only a well working donation panel, where the player can receive the currency instantly in game. (PayPal) Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! We are trying to make a server with 100% chance skill success rate. Where I mean, that if a player has zero % resists against stun attacks can be stunned 100/100. Normally because of CON / MEN base stats, this rate would be around 85/100. How can we solve this problem without changing the base stats of each class?
  7. Hi everyone! Our team would like to start a brand new L2 project, with an Interlude DP. Please suggest us Interlude DP's, which contain atleast a vote manager (you vote in browser --> get reward ingame) and a donate manager (you donate --> get reward ingame). If there are packs without these features, how can we add these features to them? Thanks for the comments, appreciate it a lot!
  8. Hi everyone! I am looking for a Linage 2 server provider, with Anti-DDoS Protection, GameGuard etc.. Also, I'd plan to build up and run the website on the same server. The location of the server should be in Europe. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Is there any protection (smartguard, d-dos protection) included in this pack, or do I have to get those protections elsewhere? "♦ Highly secured antibot system for farm and enchant (captcha) ♦ Improved Security system regarding exploits♦ Highly advanced administrator security system"
  10. Hi everyone! I'd like to start a new server, Interlude or H5. I would like to make it "professional", which means I want a DP with full support, also I would like to have the best protection I can get. Please share with me your suggestions, which datapack sellers are the best (I heared about l2jorion that it's quite good), and where I should look for d-dos, and other kind of protections. Thank you guys in advance for the comments! Regards, sLshR
  11. I'd like to sell my items after I left the server. Ring of Core +3: 5 EUR IC set: 3 EUR Draconic set (+3/+3/+4/+3): 3 EUR DC Robe set (+3/+3/+4/+3): 3 EUR Tallum heavy set: 2 EUR AM+ACU: 3 EUR --> SOLD AS+Crt. Dmg. +4: 5 EUR 600kk adena: 2 EUR --> SOLD paypal preferred. Message me here, or add me on skype: adamgroszmann Topic closed, all items are sold. :-X