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  1. Hello Dear Players! L2Gold.in coming back Website & Forum page will be active soon Server informations: Rates -EXP/SP/Adena : x90 (with bonus) -Safe Enchant : +3 -Max. Enchant : +21 for Weapons, +14 for armor / jewels -Chance for Regular/Blessed Scrolls: 76% Server -C4 server played via Interlude/ Client. Retail server with custom modifications Buffs - AIO buff system - Buff slots: 24 - Buff time: 1 hours - Support buff time: 10 minutes - Anti buff shield Aditional Information - Rebirth System - Special Noblesse System(3 rebirths and 4 crowns in order to become noblesse)
  2. this server is totally faill for money fake online bots in main town and coruptions.. PS. Avo222 = Trafic
  3. We opening new project, who interesing to join to our staff send me aplication
  4. Trance that why dont share server pack too much acis pack old legendary Gold
  5. Hello, i need to add change name color when i wear full set armor how to change it ? i think i know how in armorset file but i dont know comend for it i am not sure
  6. pm me i got ready inter|ude/c4 for open
  7. I give free pack fixed l2gold pm me
  8. anyone know free dedicate server host for 1 month or test ?
  9. Server is ready for open pack is fixed Rates: XP 100x / SP 100x / Adena 100x./Drop 15 Server: C4 server played via Interlude Client. Gold style server but with Eazy Farming. Gameplay: No weight limit, buffs 2h, subclasses & dyes are disabled, rebirth system, no class change quests and increased movement speed on all classes. Rebirth System When a character becomes level 78, he can go to the rebirth manager located in Aden and Giran. If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1, with this you will also lose
  10. Today at 22:00 GMT we do event 1 vs 1 with b grade (+0-3) You can win very good reward. Come join us!