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  1. I cannot believe that such a legendary server is coming back after so many years. One of the best mid rate server if not the best that we have had a pleasure to play on back in the day. Looking forward to play on it again :)
  2. If you can pull off anything similar to L2Forever I would definitely join.
  3. What a great server indeed. Wish more decent cp's and clans join so we could have some decent play-time. Also having them damn delays that people have mentioned before but other than that it's all good. Would highly recommend to play there.
  4. How come a person can open 10 servers in a month? Don't you reckon it's silly? Do you? Every single server nowadays get ddos'd. Ain't you bored playing same shitty, corrupted and full of donations servers? A great server opens in a while and you start judging it cuz you simply don't like it or whatever your stupid reason is. Think twice before sayin something like that not having any proofs whatsoever.
  5. There is a guy who can explain you everything in detail ''Krea''
  6. Ain't licking anyones asses and for a record you are the one who keeps licking dex ass so badly that you just wanna make other servers look crappy. Server wasn't opened but it's not the first one. We've seen many servers in the past struggling to open at certain times with the best dev's and Legacy is not an exception.
  7. Surely it was. Dex has outplayed em' very well. It was all about who would invest more cash and have support/haters.
  8. Open the server when nanna goes live so you won't have to deal with a massive ddos attacks that you dealing right now.
  9. It's up and running without any issues although account creation page seem to be down.
  10. Server was closed due lack of people not because of ddos. Also you should be banned straight away encouraging Skylord (l2mid) dev pay you in order to ddos Legacy and Nanna.