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  1. That's the mindset that makes it a 1 week server
  2. Is there any Interlude/ High Five/ GF or even classic server that has low rates with a buffing system. As a casual player I want the nostalgic experience but don't see the point in dragging buffers round with me everywhere I go (especially when it takes time to get setup in an area just to get PKed). it is tricky as there would be constant arguments about the 76+ buffs from PP SE EE and DOMI/ WC, SE and EE being healers and DOMI being a good support class but we are in 2019 and I wouldn't mind playing without running the mentioned buff bots around for more fun. The mentioned classes wouldn't be useless as if you did have them in party you would't need to go back to town to rebuff. But still to keep the SWS's and BD and focus on making them part of party system. Make them more attractive to play. Does anyone agree/ see where I'm coming from? Does anyone know a similar server?
  3. Going to join and try it out :D Why don't you create more of a community to bring new players? Discord, simple forum facebook?
  4. Hi Guys, Im looking for a server that is: Interlude (or chronicle without Kamaels) low rate x3 has a buffer (PP/ main buffs excluding Songs and dances) 1-2 max box This would allow people to stop running box buffers about but still have the need for support classes in party. Anyone ever seen a server like this?
  5. Very attractive, be nice with both eu and ru communities