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  1. Hi. I will sell various bug fixes, as well as make any additions / services for you, etc for l2ro/fandc/mythras & etc source. pm me on skype
  2. Hi community. Wts High Five 5 pack. Path to test sever : https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6wjzwic9byza8r/patch.zip?dl=0 Source price 750 USD Compile price : 100 USD for u interesting. Team Site : jpcd.ru , all fixes to private git repository
  3. Hi community. I wts services and customs for L2ro, L2f & Rebellion packs. my skype : khromedev , pay method : Paypal I selling this services : 1. AutoPotion. Price : 20 USD Configuration paramaters: #------------------------------------------------------------- # Auto Use Potion #------------------------------------------------------------- # Enabled acp AllowAcp = true # Only premiums AllowAcpOnlyForPremium = false # Allowed to use items . pattern tracing: id1,delay1,listner1;id2,delay2,listner2;id3,delay3,listner3 # listner hp - listen hp
  4. Please, close this topic, i create new with sreenshots and prices. Thank u.
  5. Hi community. Wts service with l2f/l2ro packs list: https://pastebin.com/5uXu5MpY skype: khromedev
  6. i read with phone, this pict not showings)