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  1. Hello, as title say WTS - Blessed earring of zaken - 50 euro - 14 DP - 1 euro (stock of 750 dps) Send me msg here or Skype> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord> prodavac.itema#5520 Best regards !
  2. Cannot find BUMB button as there was before!
  3. Hello, I am glad to announce to my old and new buyers that i am selling again adena. I have stock for now ~20kkk, soon it will be much more. 1kkk - 1,5 euro I can do very fast transaction in any time of the day! add me on discord/skype for more information Skype> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord> prodavac.itema#5520 Best regards !
  4. Hello, As my title says, wts gear on l2 tales. VNR sets +8/6/8/8/8 lvl7 Vorpal robe set +6 lvl7 vorpal hwy set +6 lvl7 Veniplant +7 300 fire Buster acu +6 300 fire/water Hero cloaks Olf +10 freya necklase tezza necklase +8 AQ ring +8 and more... add me on discord/skype for more skype > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord > prodavac.itema#5520
  5. Hello all, As my title says, Wts VALAKAS,ANTHARAS, ORFEN and mage vesper sets +6 lvl7 vorpal sets +6 lvl7 casters +6-8 300 fire/water DP adena add skype > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord >> prodavac.itema#5520
  6. Hello all, As title say, WTS items/adena/dp on l2saga.net ITEMS: Vesper robe set +8/10/10/10/8 lvl7 vorpal robe set +8 lvl 7 x2 vesper robe foundation set +6 lvl7 veniplant +14 lvl7 fire rising star +12 lvl7 water zaken x2 Elegia/vorpal jwls 6+ Blessed freya 6+ x5 TOP A grade belt pvp def x5 ~1200 DP ~40kkk stock and some more... Text for more info: skype >>> Prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord >>> Prodavac.Itema#5520
  7. Moving my seller to server l2saga.net In few days i will have stock for sell. Be patient please ! Send me message for more information. Contact info: Skype: prodavac.itema@hotmail.com ( or prodavac.itema) Discord: Prodavac.itema#0166
  8. - ALL SOLD - MOVING SELLER TO L2SAGA.NET ! WTS DONATION POUNDS GOOD PRICE! Package sale> SOLD Hero mage char with gear: Vesper noble foundation +8 level 7 Vesper caster +8 300 elegia jwls +6 blessed freya +6 Blessed zaken +6 TOP Belt defence +8 Hero cloak Full aguments for hero Send message for price ! For more info skype > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord > Prodavac.itema#0166
  9. As title say, WTS soultaker with skills++ (or only items) with PA 100 till 08.02.2020. Items: Elegia robe set +6 veniplant +8, elegia jwls bless freya ~20 kkk Extra > full acc of bishops/soultakers extra account with full titans with gear for instances send msg for price or contact on skype> cule_zr
  10. WTS CHAR+ITEMS ON L2 ERA Duelist 85 lvl Skills +30 Vesper heavy foundation set +8 lvl7 Periel duals +8 300 (agument passive pvp p.atk) Top pvp belt skill attack +6 Elegia Rings Frintezza necklace Vorpal earrings Hero Cloak And ALL aguments for olympiad ! About price, send me message here with offer !
  11. Very good server, only problem low EU players..
  12. WTS sorcer skills +30 with gear VNRF +6 lvl7 set Vesper buster +6 300 Hero cloak Belt skill atk Vepser jwl Freya necklace my reccomendations from old sales contact via skype >> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com or send pm here Best wishes
  13. As tittle say, WTS soultaker char skill +27 Hero cloak Belt VNRF +6 lvl7 Big stock of adena, very cheap !!! add skype >> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com my reputation >>
  14. I think the guy who made you this picture is very bad designer... "Excepting 2,000 more player" ? Is it accepting 2,000 players? Is it expected 2,000 players? And 2,000 is 2 and 2.000 is 2000 .. U should find new designer :D
  15. SOLD ANTHARAS SOLD buster +8 300 SOLD vesper fist +9 SOLD vorpal /elegia jwls 6+ SOLD 15b adena SOLD hero cloak x2 SOLD VESPER HEAVY SET FOUND +6 lvl7 SOLD Periel duals +6 300 SOLD belt skill attack SOLD 400 DP SOLD VESPER HEAVY FOUNDATION SET +8 lvl7 hero cloak ~110b adena 500 DP BELETH SKYPE > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com
  16. look little closely, u will see MANY no grade ppl (meaning, lvl 1 char just for reward) how many acc per PC 5,6 ? Example my laptop+pc x 5 acc >> 10 chars. U have TOP REAL ONLINE :troll: :troll: :troll:
  17. well people who don't use forum are randoms, they don't know the game, they don't play for fun (for big pvps at epics) they maybe join server, and get bored after few days cuz they play solo / or he is newby and don't know to make gear. You need on server big clans, strong cps,many cps (who will fight on big pvps no matter what). Meaning, they don't emo quit after lose first baium/antharas. Whitch u never have on server, while you have random people on server you will never make it alive more then 10 days. People searching for CPs on facebooK? GL with that And you can write what ever you
  18. Lol the flame toward averia. Stop flame and go play your shitty servers you play. Or you don't have anything better to do then flame toward somebody? So what, everybody knows they pay big clans to join, other server owners are too fucking greedy to give to somebody some money (even they whould get donations from that clan more then they give to clan leader). You sad u have 50 near npc in gludin whole day (ofc not the same people, while some farm , somebody craft and in circle)
  19. Dead forum as allways. 10 days server and dead GL
  20. Have necro+ MM full 30 skills. ADENA STOCK 13b = 1 euro ONLY LEFT WITH 470 kkk !! 698 kkk sold Valakas >>> SOLD Blessed Zaken SOLD While hero cloak SOLD Vesp Founda +8 lvl7 SOLD Elegia set +7 lvl7 SOLD Veniplant +8 dark lvl7 SOLD Belt skill deff SOLD Black hero cloak SOLD elegia set jwls SOLD add me on skype for information or pm prodavac.itema@hotmail.com
  21. it doesn't matter anymore. tales got bad reputation, only some low rusky join (who get payed maybe) mouse/brazon servers killed all competitors, specially with this dragon server. tales/redmoon last 10-15 days top and all leave (how i remember last few servers) Go check dragon online, check pvps at epics. That was OLD tales(2nd 3th maybe), he cannot remake that againe..