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  1. fish memory

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Designatix


      hahahha yeah xD

      I still have screens from the server and our dwarfs :D


    3. baksteen


      What the fuuuuuck


      Bild könnte enthalten: im Freien

    4. Designatix


      Epic days :D so much fun 

  2. You're a friend of the owner ? lol
  3. I'll try it for sure, maybe I change my mind.
  4. No. And i shut up now because your next reply will be. "Then play the server before you suggest me anything", right? :)
  5. To balance ? Yes of course. Of course you need to If you want to create a server. I dont actually know why people ask for this. Mainly because they never played retail.
  6. That's basically the Lineage 2 community, you're right on this. But still. I think I am not the onliest one that thinks the same.
  7. What has my opinion to do with my developing skills? I didn't said you're a bad developer. Just told you that Battle Royale doesn't belong to Lineage 2 since Lineage 2 wasn't made to be balanced. Salty tears salty tears..
  8. That was just my advice to you. ADVICE means basically a SUGGESTION not that you immediately should stopping it.
  9. I didn't said you should stop developing the project. I just told you my opinion.
  10. B grade can kill an S Grade lmao. Battle Royale just doesn't belong into Lineage, just let it rest. gl tho once again.
  11. How does it work? I mean what do I have to do to add them to a mob ?
  12. Hey, is there a way to add specific items as Spoil Drop? Means those items only drop if you use spoil ? If so how ? Thanks! would be great if there is a way around it.