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  1. Fortnite Avatar on L2 forum is next level :)))))))))))))
  2. Smells like fake online. First visit on website: 620 online, 3 mins later 610 online. 5 Mins later 620 online again. Lmao nice fake online counter.
  3. Another example: https://gyazo.com/7fc9f03acc44259b50e0fb9eb420b9f2
  4. Hey, i noticed today that skills keep showing after reusing. The effect removes when the char logs off. This is kinda annoying and i don't even know what causes that. Anyone have an idea why this happens? And possible a fix for that ? https://gyazo.com/c6c81ee3ad8ecd36b18829cdc249ad8c Thanks in advance!
  5. That^ Also what i find really funny is, that a lot of upcoming projects using this (3000+ Players expected, hence L2Zeus, GameOfThrones) as their main advertisement. Not to forgot with the fake users on their forums LUL.
  6. Hey, I get an error when i try to lauch gameserver.bat Anyone knows how to fix this?
  7. Good Luck @xxdem on your recruitment, hopefully you will find your individual.
  8. Edit: All open positions has been filled so far besides "Java Dev" and "Game Master". We could need one more Game Master at that time.