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  1. I once worked on my project and stopped it. Yesterday i was browsing through the backup of my old project and found this buffer. I think it could be useful for someone. Thanks to @Trance for coding. I modified abit and adapted to l2jfrozen. Unfortunately i can't find the HTML anymore, so you have to create your own. Here you go. What it does? Watch here. Create a file in gameserver/model/actor/instance called Code:
  2. Weapons looks like ass. They're huge as fuck.
  3. Images randomly don't load

    So wait. Every IP are allowed to load 4 images at once? Ouch.
  4. Says the one who has a banned account.
  5. EN Alien Message [ Encrypted Ancient Text ] 2018

    I downvoted because this topic is useless as fuck, plus threaten someone for his language is uncool.
  6. Help trail

    Awesome effect on the first video! Nice work - as always :) Unfortunately i can't help you on that kind of topic. However, good luck finding someone which seems to be the best one to solve your problem <3 LOVE UH TRUMP.
  7. Images randomly don't load

    No. My signature isn't working anymore as you can see since today. Nice work, get your things straight and update properly omfg... Edit: It really seems to happen randomly, you should fix that.
  8. Good One. Also your work needs to be rewarded some how, and that's how it fits your needs.
  9. [L2J] L2 Lawless

    <!-- Mirrored from by Oasif Website Copier/3.x [XR&CO'2015], Tue, 10 Apr 2015 01:34:22 GMT -->
  10. Why you don't use smooth animations? This one looks like 20fps.
  11. Just take a look on this topic You can see clearly that he's always referring to his nationality being "polish". Just for being polite, such a manner can't be tolerated.
  12. EN aVVe Dumbass

    Ja pierdole... this forum is full of cryhards. Ave is cool, deal with it.