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  1. so you are free to share every random bullshit you coded or you've found in your hd, rename the site to maxgarbage then, lets make a poll I pay the DNS
  2. Theres no possible way to do this directly, tho it may happen inderectly with a fake invisible monster target packet but Im not sure.
  3. on the other hand, a ScheduledFeature task wouldn't be heavy at all if coded properly
  4. create your listener and call it on every xy update
  5. Kalws eisai, den. to shortcut prepei na mpei otan ftiaxneis to new item L2ItemInstance item = ... registerShortcut(new L2ShortCut(11, 0, 1, item.getObjectId(), 0, 1)); gia na mpei ena item stin mpara prepei na exeis reference i toulaxiston tin oID, sketi oID diskola ara 9es reference pou simenei oti prepei na mpei tin stigmi pou dineis to item ston char
  6. If I contribute the fun this server won't go online again, but I have no point to ddos a server with 10 active people and 95 bots
  7. if you are not cappable of coding this 5 lines of code then buy it
  8. I remember back in some l2j refactoring era, they really felt like they had to set everything final
  9. Stereotypes, games invest a shitload of money, they pay the chinise no life developer to code a great c++ gamecore. But you don't even know that the main reason behind this, is that they don't want their gameservers to be leaked from 3rd party people that maintain the server that runs the gameserver. Few licencess, an unmanaged native file and their multimilion dollar gameserver is secured even when distributed on 3rd party employees. A strong point of why managed languages are not common choices for big multimilion gameservers, even xeL can decompile it. And that is irrelevant with runtim