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  1. I am trying to add Stuck SUBS in my High 5 server. Seems to be broken. Could this be adapted to work with High 5? So players can purchase skills with a coin, or an item. Then the skills stay with them -multi skill - players. What is your asking price? Thanks for the reply,
  2. Please close or Lock this Topic. I have made Contact with Developers / Owners. Thank you
  3. I'm looking for the files and source for these servers. If you have them send me a message, Thanks.
  4. Can any of you guys offer information on these Question? Sounds like you know the community a bit better than I, and possibly know the servers GM, Dev, Owners... Thanks in Advance for a reply.
  5. L2 Destiny, L2 Mythras , what is the project the servers are based from? Customized FandC, or L2Ro, or L2J, L2 Scripts, AciS, L2Free, which is the main project base for these servers?
  6. Great, please let them know I would be interested in talking with them for server files. THANKS
  7. I would be interested in Buying the server Files that power L2Mythras, or L2Destiny. Those are really great servers, I have been looking to find the Server Projects or Developers and I came across this post. Please message me if you are the developer and seriously have these files available for purchase. Thanks!
  8. I found this, I haven't modified it yet, to work with High Five. If your in a hurry and got the skills you can adapt it yourself to work with H5. Here is the link
  9. Thanks d0ds ! Hope you don't mind I made some changes. Now this works with my L2J High Five 2014/2015 server. Here are some links to the Updated Files: youtube: dev host: File Dropper:
  10. Hey d0ds, Thanks for the Great work - I hope you don't mind I made some updates to the Files, now it works with my L2J High Five from 2014/2015 time frame. Well here it is in 2016, and people are still enjoying the work you have done. Thanks again! <--- Faunus Armor - Updated <------- Faunus Armor - Updated Skills, Stats, Syntax, XML updated - Back to Town - Blessed Escape Nature Awakening - Blessed Resurrection Tested and Working - Verified
  11. Mid Rate - custom tattoo's that make you HYPER! - s84 items in the shop, anyone can be 'like a boss' now. Champion mobs, 2 HR Buffs, and 99.9% uptime on a solid lag free connection, with a dedicated machine. Got Talents? Recruiting : Website Designer, Forum Moderators, Game Masters, Java coders, or anyone who thinks they can contribute time or skills...
  12. New to the site, mainly here for the L2J content - learning and sharing. Messing around with l2j java programming in my freetime. I'm pretty random, unscheduled - work and life come first.