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  1. Necro 44 lvl , Elven Elder 37 lvl send me msg
  2. WTS Weapon S +SA+7 Weaps S+SA+4 Draconic set , IC Set ,TM set , DC set , TTS Set , 400+ Donation coins , Chars 80lvl+sub+nobless with VIP-Buff Book - Color -title names -Infinity SS ,Vip Ticket for Epics crafters with full S-mats Recipes Ivenotry with full mats pm me here
  3. WTS 500 DP 20euro WTS also Items send me pm Vorpal Leather lvl7 +6 set 25 euro Weapons+7/8 lvl7 +SA 20-25 euro WTS full gear for gladi
  4. 7 euro used key adrenaline 24/5/19
  5. Full items for Gladiator Vesper Noble lvl7+foundation+8-6 Vorpal Jewels+freya Vesper Duals+6+foundation lvl7 Hero Cloack Top - Grade Skill PvP Belt Vorpal Leather set lvl7 Vesper bow+7 lvl7 & focus 10 DP: 0,50euro Adena 1b: 2 euro full lvl up chars with subs Trickster nobless with enchant skills Gladi with enchant skills nobless & with 6 gladi chars inside 85lvl Accepting only PayPal or from greece e-banking pm me in forum or Skype: live:c792dc4b21d9d182 thanks.
  6. Yul Ghost Sentinel 101+Kelbim Bow/Eternal Light 100 euros in Naia Official
  7. i have same problem i play at l2short i cant use Tower beacuse of L2JGuard Protection(l2jguard.org) anyone can give me link for use tower for this? thanks
  8. how to change to english please?
  9. this server will open again?