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  1. WTS Weapon S +SA+7 Weaps S+SA+4 Draconic set , IC Set ,TM set , DC set , TTS Set , 400+ Donation coins , Chars 80lvl+sub+nobless with VIP-Buff Book - Color -title names -Infinity SS ,Vip Ticket for Epics crafters with full S-mats Recipes Ivenotry with full mats pm me here
  2. WTS 500 DP 20euro WTS also Items send me pm Vorpal Leather lvl7 +6 set 25 euro Weapons+7/8 lvl7 +SA 20-25 euro WTS full gear for gladi
  3. 7 euro used key adrenaline 24/5/19
  4. Full items for Gladiator Vesper Noble lvl7+foundation+8-6 Vorpal Jewels+freya Vesper Duals+6+foundation lvl7 Hero Cloack Top - Grade Skill PvP Belt Vorpal Leather set lvl7 Vesper bow+7 lvl7 & focus 10 DP: 0,50euro Adena 1b: 2 euro full lvl up chars with subs Trickster nobless with enchant skills Gladi with enchant skills nobless & with 6 gladi chars inside 85lvl Accepting only PayPal or from greece e-banking pm me in forum or Skype: live:c792dc4b21d9d182 thanks.
  5. Yul Ghost Sentinel 101+Kelbim Bow/Eternal Light 100 euros in Naia Official
  6. i have same problem i play at l2short i cant use Tower beacuse of L2JGuard Protection(l2jguard.org) anyone can give me link for use tower for this? thanks
  7. this server will open again?