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  1. You can use box trickster prannah++ Against op mages.
  2. Full str without berserker buffs. Augment pvp p.atk. Attr doesn't matter. Armor depends on your play style. Experience will make you a good dagger. So never say no to a fight. Even if it is totally unfair.
  3. re mlks wow react tha valei kaneis? oute me stoma anoixto den mporoume na meinoume?
  4. 3rd. is implemented after grand crusade or maybe a patch earlier. Ask a client dev
  5. 4. I just want to ask about this,for further info to users who have better experience. These are supposed to be two of the best options out there? I have used HyperFilter for 2 months a year ago or so. Support wasn't the best, about their antiddos I have no idea and as for for money it's expensive for sure. Ovh never tried it before... Is it there any review topic in mxc about this? Or we can W8 for someone experienced to reply.
  6. I updated my hf files to salvation. I found more than 100 bugs/errors and many more due to people never tested it (probably it would be a nightmare in beta phase) . I lost my interest though when fafurion came out.
  7. it depends. do you like hybrid style or only mage style?
  8. google it mate . It's not that hard . give it a try first and then ask for help. https://canyouseeme.org check if you achieved port opening here.
  9. tha proteina na moirasteis me ton maxtora ena scriptaki na anevainoun automata ta topic pou kanei copy paste