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  1. Selling 60 +costumes, 15+ areas 30+cloaks (from New lineage 2 expansions). Price depends on what you order. P. S.1 I am not selling shared content like most of the sellers do in this forum. P. S. 2 All the content I am selling is only for high five chronicle. PM me with screenshots of what you need.
  2. Looking for lineage 2 groups/page with 5k+ members. Pm me with your price ofc.
  3. I thought stalonka was smarter. Interlude low rate won't last a week.
  4. Kamael classic is a new expansion. No matter which pack you use, even a year of commitment won't be enough for a playable server.
  5. Fafurion... Mate you won't even be able to deal with the bugs.
  6. The maximum amount that your l2j server can reach is almost unachievable nowadays, so no worries...))
  7. [GR] Xontre Mas ta exeis prhksei me to upsos sou. Ela na valoume gantia gt xwris tha se steilw apeutheias na sou paroun Metra gia thn kasa.
  8. Well you preferred to let Maxtor spamming the news and spare his time like that, instead of programming a maxbot that uploads news directly from unboxholics and other sites, thus saving Maxtor's time for other forum chores.
  9. {GR} Προφανως ρε. Νομιζα οτι δεν χρειαζοταν να συμπεριλλαβω το καππα στην προταση
  10. Don't worry Maxtoras has settled this already. He will bring new masses with lineage M. New categories, new ppl, new moderators coming.
  11. xaxaxaxaxaxaxax Plz lend me some of your success.