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  1. To galazio gia global moderator poio alani to skefthke?
  2. obviously i don't give a shit about 60 euro . otherwise i would complain like every gipsy boy in this forum . this doesn't mean you are clean. tell me how do you call this ? definitely not scam ... http://joxi.ru/gmv5knZt1V43vr http://joxi.ru/n2YqGb7se9E852 http://joxi.ru/Q2KaOldiv7B1Er http://joxi.ru/52aLob0TkR15Qm http://joxi.ru/8An7ZdDUyaOeMr well judging by the time needed . it must be a mega op logo . As for the money shove them up your ass . wannabe pro
  3. I want my 60 euro back or a proper logo that I paid you for almost 3 years ago. I opened dispute but PayPal gave no shit. Mxc wouldn't also,but your customers will.... If moderator wants to check conversation pm me.
  4. pm me with amount stock and price
  5. kommatia filou kai aderfou mou . kalh apolaush stis teknatzoudes tou forum