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  1. Well when I had that problem some years ago I opened 7777 and 2106. Check internet, these are some useful links. Maybe you need to open ports directly from your router. I can't help more than that. Wait for someone more experienced.
  3. Find your external IP. Try ExternalHostname g&l properties. And serveraddr at fileeditor.
  4. translate for which languages? Better ask for copy paste system. people will copy a sentence paste it to google translate. job done.
  5. As regards what? Balance? Less bugs? Content? In my opinion all classic brand is shit. There may be exceptions for files-servers that fixed many many missing things / bugs, but still devs cannot catch up with the updates.
  6. Well fucked up situation. I am really sorry for your efforts and time spent guys. Exactly the opposite happens to me. I pay devs etc to do work and they do shit work, 50%of the deal or never finish and ofc never reply to my messages. 2 years now it's the same story... But it's okay karma is a bitch.
  7. check h5 custom interfaces there are dozens shared.
  8. Once I arrive home, I will check if I have what you ask and help.
  9. Still there are rushes, enlightments, final secrets, weapon blockade, frost-hurricane-blazing armor, assassin gnomes e.t.c enough to keep c6 players away.
  10. May I know why would you forbid kamaels?
  11. I don't what pack you own, but there must be Config Xml Or html file to add buffs Check again all your files