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  1. Ποτέ δεν σε απείλησα. Αυτές είναι δικές σου κουβέντες. Η αλήθεια είναι ότι θα ήθελα πολύ να σε βρω και να σου κάνω τη μούρη κρέας αλλά δεν είμαι τέτοιος άνθρωπος. 600 ευρώ για μισό τελειωμένο bugged community board. Σίγουρα κάποια στιγμή θα γίνει share για να γελάσει ο κόσμος.
  2. Me to coding pou kaneis kai me th sumperifora sou den prepei na sou ksana steilei pote kaneis, tuxeros eisai pou akoma sou epitrepoun na vriskesai se auto to forum.
  3. Lineageeffect.u this is what you are looking for
  4. The answer to your problem is hidden in Russian forums. Gl :)
  5. 1st solution pay adrenaline in order to be disabled for your server. 2nd solution search for ppl who can add you protection against Kappa unbeatable adrenaline. Not sGuard that's a scam.
  6. Uparxei tropos na apalaxteis ap ta bots xwris na plhrwneis to scam to smart guard.
  7. Most mid, low projects run on scripts, fandc right? Are there any successful examples of sunrise low-mid-rate?
  8. Nice work. Quiz is a nice entertaining feature, but it's very annoying when bots can answer in 0.5 seconds...
  9. As the tittle says, I am looking for logo and website design. Don't ask why I don't send to people who sell these services, I am trying over 2 months to contact them, but it looks like they are too busy to answer, not to mention mega scam Ave. I payed him before 2 months still nothing delivered and no response at all...
  10. all the forces of fire department were in the fire break of kineta, so residents of mati were helpless, It is also worth mentioning that every telephony provider was out of reach due to many people were trying to make a phone call and electricity cut down, so no one could actually be informed about the news...2k18
  11. houses built in these areas, at least most of them where illegal, resulting in bad road structure and escape difficulty, thus resulting in losing many human lives.