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  1. If you want I can reverse the reverse engineering. Price will be double though.
  2. Coolness is not a scammer. He is a designer, not coder. He tried to helped many times with site issues. In the end he send his contact and everything is fine. Sotid you should be banned for all this mess you made.
  3. Still you qq more than your haters and you are treating them like your intelligence is higher. Bad strategy
  4. Xaxaxa final secret op against mobs. And weapon blockade is a very useful debuff.
  5. Ofc you can't balance this fucking game when you have achylek running around walls of Olympiad like Niki Lauda, after slowing you down 30/40% or immobilizing you completely with his ee/se/prophet.
  6. My Asus router had a program that made my ip static automatically
  7. Your fault. Keep joining his server, keep getting scammed.
  8. even league of legends hasn't fixed 4k resolution with the excuse that less than 1% of the player base used 4k monitors.
  9. Zonename-e.dat as frozen said. Your method is probably incorrect, if it doesn't work.
  10. I would not play even if they pay me. Before h5 everything is so lame.
  11. I think it's pretty much subjective. It depends on what type of rates you are looking for. I would choose acis for high rates and lucera/advext for low rates.
  12. I think they should buff malph (full tank one shots) not enough.