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  1. The fact that you say all the time no wipes )))
  2. IsL2NetLogin=False IsL2Console=False IsL2Seamless=False IsL2Projector=False change these values at your l2.ini
  3. Obviously he has 1000 but it's not worth it...
  4. Enlighten us elfo. Countless ways? Every MMORPG is based on boring grind, maybe some companies focus on quest storylines but still, gameplay is almost the same for the last 20± years.
  5. You still owe me 60 euro logo from 2018
  6. imagine aa has 300/35 sub, so expect it to be high
  7. This company always takes bad decisions. Ue4 already looks old, since ue5 was recently released from epic games. I guess they will remaster original version. Anyway they are used to p2w shit so nothing new here. Purpose? Promote new graphics, milk more players?
  8. I believe it's in your hands to make a monopoly, but since you are expensive and lame at the same time people will choose rest guards, since your services are incomplete . You say that prices can't decrease since the community is low. Well, improve your product, make it affordable according to the services and features you offer and everyone will choose you. But I guess you prefer being mediocre, that's why 20-30% choose you ( just making an assumption ). I am experienced enough to know that when you sell too many goods, none will be complete and the point is that you ask too much for them...
  9. +++ have proofs. He also sold some already shared features for 50 euros.
  10. Product is simply not worth it, better pay for a simple guard for clickers etc and pay for 2 bot hunters or continuously update captcha as Zake said. Also I don't like their attitude "do you know how much you need to spend if you want to completely block adrenaline?? ". Well in fact, I don't since you are the expert. Serious botters use adrenaline. So you basically tell me that I pay you to block adrenaline and you can't... My pack already blocks gipsy bot programs like l2net, tower etc. Well if you think about it your protection is kinda selling oxygen, while it's already free, am I wrong?
  11. I ve heard that Stormwall is one of the best, at least as regards the protection, but it's more expensive than other hosting services.