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  1. Download speeds was the 1st argument and the 2nd one was cheaper space (hdd or sdd).
  2. This excuse still exists? Omg 9-10 gb download, gg I won't even bother join your server. For real? In Greece we reached 200mbps. Solid states become even cheaper and with bigger space. Get serious ppl. Stop complaining.
  3. What do you mean decent players? Everyone will complain whatever you do.
  4. Indeed. I expected though more interface modifications.
  5. LOL. sorry for hurting your ego 200 iq guy
  6. You talk about my offtopic spamming, while your bullshit are very important and informative for everyone who visits the topic. BTW you should be very proud of your self that 1iq guy makes probably 30x +your money. Gl 200 iq guy.
  7. From your attitude, I bet you vote for tsipras. So I won't even bother to argue with you.
  8. What exactly is innovative? Blood pool system?
  9. You people are total animals. You ain't have feelings. Why you make little Kara sad? You have no manners. I demand someone to be banned.
  10. I have also reported him in the past, but no one gives a shit, he knows Java, but no l2, that's why he has always been a donor. Anyway there is no reason in reporting him, just don't work with him. Simple as that.
  11. Indeed Greeks 0 iq, lucky us the rest of the world +200 iq, otherwise we would still live in caves. (funny thing a scammer- thief -lier has the attitude to talk like that). Anyway Greek government would definitely hire him to be a member of the parliament. This way he will be able to scam a lot more than now. Not to mention the friendships he is about to make with the rest 300 scambugs.