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  1. I am using century+ packet since 2 months and I am really satisfied from the console, interface e.t.c I used godaddy for 1.5 years. I was very disappointed. Ftp servers were fucked up, I was trying to fix it with their support, but they always redirect me to several guide links, never fixed my problem. Also timeweb is cheaper and for the moment looks safer.
  2. You mean 1500 for some proper files? Ofc they always need work, so add more ? About 200-300 per month for site/server host +some crappy protection. +1000 minimum advertising if you want to call your server semi dead bot-phantom fest? Greedy admins....
  3. First of all I am not a pride fan boy, but I admire the way a pride like server works. I mean a true hard working pride. No matter how hard you try, you need time to build a proper character and probably never reach end game, which means you are bonding to your character and that's what a true mmorpg feels like. Nowadays whatever the chronicle may be (interlude-final-high five) it's almost the same shit low-mid or high rates people eventually will leave because top parties will be full equipped in 2 months maximum. Reaching end game erases the interest of competion...
  4. Probably it's due to client. Uninstall and find another source.
  5. i told you so because i was on phone. Anyway IsL2NetLogin=True IsL2Console=True IsL2Seamless=True IsL2Projector=True just turn these values to = False
  6. Paste your l2.ini and I will show you.
  7. Great work. Good luck. Wish I had the time to play. May I ask? What are the boosts of brooches gemstones? Anything similar to official?
  8. Why do you ppl still add votes? Only bots and 10 real players visit votesites... Not to mention vote cheating
  9. You can install a forum by yourself.
  10. Gj keep sharing. Forum needs topics like this
  11. Just press .loc or /loc at another client where you can tp and copy paste xyz. Simple as that))