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  1. no reason to buy that if you can't make it act like human. Mages do aoe when there is only a single target to kill? archer no skills, no dash???IS this intended for pvp server only? you have to implement more functions if you want someone to buy this one. lvl up quests, bosses, oly, siege, fortress, instances , interaction , trades , shout. this things already exist at some packs. why yuors is better since it doesn't have these functions?
  2. in classic mode you can have this glow with lower grade equipment. so this is possible for sure.
  3. file editor for last chronicles... i don't think you find that for free
  4. go to your source and open the java files that the errors occur ,paste the lines with the errors . sending the console errors will not help anyone understand your problem
  5. open the files where errors appear and send the lines so someone can help you
  6. exactly you can simply disable it and play clone wars
  7. on the other side i hate when everyone wears vorpal and elegia .everyone looks the same ... this is also another opinion.
  8. slow connection, or low memory space? maybe i should send you my 2gb patch to connect :D
  9. Well averians show us some real titties. This is cheap...
  10. [GR]kserw oti bottareis valley of saints kanonise na skasw apo kei na se pk.