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  1. This code have a bug :troll: For H5 i recommended use the second password check (NC Soft function).
  2. Yes, but when you consider all the interrelated objects, you get almost the same complexity. :) Also, doors bugged too.
  3. Easy way, take Instance engine from highest chronicle =)
  4. Items are dropped into the other dimensions are only visible in the main dimension. Summons spawned only in the main dimension. I think it very bugged code.
  5. iOS 7 like a Android. I like the old style of Apple. Stay on iOS 6.
  6. Wrong code. Author noob in the Java. Why? because all improvements are with the chance of special scrolls. Forget about programming and go eat a banana. :troll:
  7. Need add new static meshes in the map files for Interlude client. It's fortress artifacts (flagpole). All details and offers a PM.
  8. It's fake. Gludin and Gludio screenshots from Lineage 2 + Photoshop filters.
  9. Site is bullshit. It is necessary to cut off the hands of the programmer, who wrote this shit. Browser does not detects correctly the page encoding. Disgrace! What's the lolboy write it? :lol:
  10. This CPU good for overclocking. Up to ~3.0GHz
  11. Add me on skype for further talk. brounlimited93

  12. Need template as L2Website v1 - HTML - NO Brand v1 for SMF 2.0.5. Additional conditions: Static is not a scrolling background; Icons from the client Lineage 2 Kamael or higher; Header fast profile avatar 50px x 50px; Topic and profile avatar 120px x 120px; Bottoms as in example theme; All other conditions are discussed in the PM. Prices write me a PM. Links to demo post in this topic. Screenshots are not interested.