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  1. Nop only 1+1 same race without stacking masteries.
  2. L2Phoenix.com 25x Unique subclass system (1+1 same race - sub stack) *Substack main and all 3 retails **with non-stacking weapon and armor masteries **supports retail canceling (will cancel substack associated with retail slot) Offline Shops Dyes + Unique Tattoos (better balance) Unique client protection module AUTO TvT Events Wedding System Fair Vote Reward system Weekly GM Events START 1st OCTOBER 2013 Features list will be getting updated with time. There are lots of more to come. Website: www.l2phoenix.com forum: http://forum.l2phoenix
  3. I think it's time to someone make one of these good servers like the old times... L2 OFF x30-x35 The interlude server i have seen atm is L2Cleaver but it isn't a stucksub one. Too bad i am not a developer i would like, and i think everyone will do, to have a new fresh stacksub server with L2 cleaver's stability population and features . Think about it.
  4. A quick info... The Stacksub system will be with stacking passives and masteries? Or the Masteries from the current class?
  5. Hope so it will be good to get a nice stack sub server nowadays :)
  6. Add these potions it will be nice. The dragon network died with the lolipop donate weapons. And for our friend with the inbalance issues... Lineage have developed not to be balanced... you can't ask for ultimate balance on a non retail server and especially a stuck sub one.... it's goes with what you want to do... if you want to be easy hero make a ol/ty,pp/pa,pp/gl, es/ee but if you do this you cannot go to a siege with the es/ee you will get raped :P The point on this is to check the most usual subclass combinations and avoid to see a server with only pp,wk/he or a server full of dark
  7. Honestly there is not OP classes to cry about especially on a 1+1 SAME RACE stuck sub server. The only things that you have to know is... The Server will be with Stacking Masteries? If yes all the subclasses mage-summoner-buffer/figther are op 2 weapon masteries stucked and etc.. The Server will be without Stacking Masteries? All the subclasses Nukers/tank owns (Paladin a little more than others :D).
  8. Can't log in forums .... Have you run a public beta test?
  9. The old good thing x20 - x50 Interlude Stack Subclass (1+1)
  10. www.l2teardrop.com Server Features Server Rate 35x GM Online Every day Cheap class transfer items in Luxury store Stack Subclass System Unique Stack Subclass Quest Stack subclass only to same race (only dwarves can cross-subclass) No overpowered stacking combinations Special Events Special Raid Bosses Dualbox – No limited Offline shop Teleport to Primeval Island Mana and Greater Mana Potions Delevel NPC NO GM Shop Succesfull Enchant rate is 66% Safe Enchant is +3 Maximum Enchant is +16 Clan Hall buffs for 1 hour Cas
  11. Kalispera paidia . Den exw megali empiria apo hacks kai exploits. Tha ithela na zitiso kapoio script gia to l2phx gia ton www.l2phoenix.com . L2off server x 35 copia tou Dragon network. Ama kapoios 3erei tpt i exei kati dokimasmeno an mou to stilei se mail i post edw. Thanks gia to help .