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  1. how to compile this ? 1.7 not supported in build
  2. 1) it's not source (compile) 2) hf 3) compile with binded ip
  3. Он не всё открывает скажем та же самая конструкция Itemname уже давно изменилась так что обычный IO FE не сработает тут. Нужно подыскать подходящие ddf. (Rus) He did not say everything opens the same design Itemname has long been changed so that the normal IO FE does not work here. It is necessary to find suitable ddf. (Eng)
  4. Tell yourself the price, it's just a html design without scripts
  5. it's only design , who needs one himself under her remake
  6. Hello MaxCheaters Users Today i would like to show you Custom html Design Community Board for High Five Preview : http://imgur.com/a/VDi6z Contact info : ICQ => 678072475