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  1. @maxone1991 is scammer be aware,lost 15 euros..cheap thief
  2. I buy epics/adena/donate coins/items for this server.. looking for spend around 40euro.
  3. Hello, Items to sell : 120billion adena Vorpal Robe set+6 full attribute Vesper Robe set +6 full attribute Elegia Robe set +6 full attribute Vorpal Leather set+8 full attribute Vesper caster +6 +1 int 300 dark Vesper buster +6 300 fire Vesper buster +6 non attribute attack 110 300 wind Vesper buster +6 Holy attack 110 300 holy Rising Star Acument +8 300 fire Feather Eye Blade +9 300 fire Olf shirt +6 x3 Belts S +6 Blessed Zaken +6 AQ+8 x2 Antharas +8 Blessed Freya +8/+6 Freya neck +7 Characters : x30 nobless x3 full stacked for hero All with oly
  4. My friend still using it,like i said..4ig adren and 4 oog l2net,but he got w7.Any other way to get some extra windows on the server?
  5. @jaharakal hi,it seems you know a lot for l2net,i need your help I am using adrenaline for bot,but server got 4 boxes limit.i want bot from adrenaline 4 IG and put 1 OOG i have got windows 10 speaking about hi5 server and i dont want to buy spoofer for this server,so if u got any information would be greatfull Error trying to save file: Error downloading "http://update.insane-gamers.com/wyserver.wys": Δεν ήταν δυνατή η επίλυση του απομακρυσμένου ονόματος: 'update.insane-gamers.com' When i do open programm says me about gay porn also ^^
  6. Hello, We are here to form a "decent to good" group,dominate enemies and have fun. Our setup will be mage with a tank and overlord. Prime time 19:00-01:00 gmt+2 ,except first days to achieve our priority goals. Must to join: -Discord or TS3 depending the clan status -Cooperative attidute/Consistency at our Prime time and cp's goals. -No QQers/Lichers/Cryers.As i said have fun is one of our main priorities. -Knowledge of English language -Knowledge of Lineage 2 Database(Skills/Spots/Quests) Send me message in Discord Tsiso#3380 or
  7. You just QQing about a server without any proves...everybody can do that.. I am not protecting warland
  8. Hello,everybody,i joined server,on 3rd day i took hero cardinal,know why? because the dmgs are overpowered there and no healer class can make a lot,EE and SE took hero with 5 points. The server is totally unbalanced.I joined oly,i was hitted from SwS for 3k per hit/same as BD.Outside on clan pvp,with full gear (no bers buffs) hero valor and hero ud,i couldnt handle 2 daggers(cert crit resist).I had played many servers as bp,even clan's main party that get macroed from half enemy ally,still never received those tons of dmg from a daggers or bersekers or titans. (Edit: ) There are also talismans
  9. i joined 1 week ago,its actually good server,the only missing is the big population,propably got 2-3 "sides"(clans) that got 3 parties each,its not so impressive but worth the try,i staying here for the moment,and UP for it.
  10. Yo,i lf a low-mid(max x30) rate gracia final or epilogue without any custom or buffer etc,and with some population(500+++ active)
  11. Kalispera,epeidi dn asxoloumai polu me programmata thelo na kano mia erotisi. Kanonika to clicker(la2robot) dn akoumpaei kanena file tou lineage2,sosta? AMA NAI,pos ginetai na to kanei detect o raid fight?
  12. Right now we are 4/9,and we looking for more people to fill the party. I am looking for Titan/Sws/BD/WC/BP Prime time 22:00 -5:00 gmt +2 English speaker. Skype : HandlessBnB