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As you can understand this topic is realy outdate + a lot of links are wrong(svn-timelines)

so i think this should be unsticky.


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Do you have a better one?

No but it doesnt matter if i have better one..

as i said this is fully outdated and wrong

check the svn-timelines ;s


Look it can be replaced with this >.>


It Coyo's one from eng section >.>

at least this one its more Updated + more detailed without any mistake.

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You made a new thread so you can report the old one to be replaced with yours?


fuсking lol.

Actually its not even mine,Its coyote's one.


you cant see that the current sticky topic its outdated?


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you could just ask for sticky your topic

and not going around so long.


all lineage 2 section were updated by Coyote and Furious.


if your topic isn't stickied means it didn't deserve it.


For more Pm Coyote or Furiosus (they know better what to do).



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