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Grand Khavatari

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Hey Maxcheaters


I am glad to present you my first guide.As you can understand obviously from the topic tittle ,this guide is for  Grand Khavatari class.


xdyvq8.jpg The power of tyrant is hidden in his skills.Also he has a great hp and atck speed and the other stats are very satisfactory.His great CON ,it's very useful ,because he has great hp and cp and he has got good shock resistance.The Key for the victory is the skills...BUT you can play tyrant with another way .These Two Ways,We Will Watch Them Later.


Classes : Orc Fighter                          1)Monk              Quest: Click Me

                                                          2)Tyrant              Quest: 1) 2) 3)

                                                          3)Grand Khavatari  Quest: Click Me




First of all i will show you a simple bar for your char 2r7mv13.png Of course you can add other things or change them how you are comfortable.For example to add Cp pots or Elixirs ,Your Weapon etc


                                                                    Physical Skills


Focused Force

1zwp9mu.png Channels force energy when using a hand-to-hand combat weapon. Can be charged up to Level 8.


Force Blaster

2ynl0e0.pngSupplements user's P. Atk. with 2131 Power in a powerful energy discharge. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon. Over-hit and critical hit are possible.


Hurricane Assault

hvqm3m.pngSupplements user's P. Atk. with 3196 Power to strike the target with rapid consecutive strikes. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon recharged to its 2nd energy stage. Over-hit and critical hit are possible. Ignores shield defense.


Punch of Doom

5mhezr.pngBecomes shocked momentarily while propelling a powerful iron-fist to the enemy that gives significant damage. Requires a hand-to-hand combat weapon to be equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit and Critical hit are possible. Power 9132.


Burning Fist

qmxnxj.pngHurls a fire type iron-fist to attack the target with 2557 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a hand-to-hand combat weapon to be equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit and critical hit are possible.


Raging Force

243n6nq.pngAttacks an enemy with a devastating burst of wind energy. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon. Possible up to stage 7. Over-hit and critical hit are possible.


Symbol of Energy

29xu3iv.pngCreates a seal that increases the P. Atk. and spiritual energy of nearby allies. The seal's effect disappears upon leaving the area. Consumes 1 Battle Symbol.


Maximum Focus Force

2hcq2pl.pngImmediately increases spiritual energy to its maximum level.


                                                                Reinforcement Skills



2dl17bd.pngChannels the power of the user's guardian deity for 1 minute, increasing resistance to de-buff attacks by 80%, resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 40%, movement speed by 30, accuracy by 6 when using a sword/blunt weapon/spear/hand-to-hand weapon, Atk. Spd. by 20%, critical rate by 100 when using a sword/spear, and critical damage by 100% when using a blunt/hand-to-hand weapon. Decreases physical skill MP consumption by 50% and the power of received HP recovery magic by 50%. Can be used when HP is under 30 %


Dark Form

2e51ox4.pngFor 5 minutes, increases user's fire P. Atk. by 20 and resistance to fire attacks by 10.


Force Meditation

30ubvo7.pngUses chi energy to recover 60 HP and 10 MP per second for 1 minute. While skill is in effect, user is unable to move, and P. Def. is decreased by 80%. The effect is canceled if user is stunned. Must recharge 3rd energy stage.


Force Barrier

23rradl.pngMakes user invincible against standard targets, skills and de-buffs for 10 seconds. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon. Requires 4th stage Energy.


Final Secret

2mqnnfa.pngFor 30 seconds, you call upon your hidden reserves to increase your skills power and ordinary attack damage by 30% during PvP.




Puma Spirit Totem

316qk1x.pngUser becomes possessed by a Puma's soul. Increases user's accuracy by 6 and Atk. Spd. by 20% for 2 minutes. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon.


Ogre Spirit Totem

2zqhn2b.pngBecomes possessed by an Ogre's soul. Increases one's own P. Atk./P. Def./M. Def. by 30% and Critical Damage by 10% for 2 minutes. Requires a hand-to-hand combat weapon to be equipped.


Rabbit Spirit Totem

11hvrk3.pngBecomes possessed by a Rabbit's soul. Increases one's own Atk. Spd. by 30%, moving speed by 30%, and evasion by 12 for 2 minutes. Requires a hand-to-hand combat weapon to be equipped.


Bison Spirit Totem

2w66qg5.pngUser is possessed by a Bison's soul, increasing accuracy for 1 minute when using a hand-to-hand weapon and increasing P. Atk. by 10% and the probability of critical attack by 100 when HP is below 60%. If HP is below 30%, P. Atk. is increased by 30% and critical attack rate is increased by 300. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon.


Hawk Spirit Totem

1zfjwip.pngBecomes possessed by a Hawk's soul. For 2 minutes when using a hand-to-hand combat weapon, increases one's own accuracy by 6, critical attack rate by 100, and critical damage by 30%. Requires a hand-to-hand combat weapon to be equipped.


Bear Spirit Totem

2drrhp5.jpgPossessed by a Bear's soul, user's P. Atk. and critical attack power are increased by 20% and movement speed is decreased by 30% for 2 minutes. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon.


Wolf Spirit Totem

b8kyv7.pngPossessed by a Wolf's soul, user's movement speed is increased by 20% and accuracy increased by 3 for 2 minutes. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon.


                                                                      Weaken Skills



de8d29.pngDecreases the enemy's movement speed by 20% for 1 minute. Requires a hand-to-hand weapon.


Soul Breaker

2pt9x85.pngHurls an iron-fist to attack the target with 2411 power added to P. Atk. and causes shock for 9 seconds. Requires a hand-to-hand combat weapon to be equipped. Ignore shield defense. Over-hit. Critical.


Force Of Destruction

11bqk9u.pngAttacks the enemy with 2516 Power added to P. Atk. and penetrates the target with the energy of destruction. Chi Energy Stage 2 Recharge needed. Available with hand-to-hand combat weapons. Over-hit and Critical hit are possible.


                                                                      Toggle Skills


Fury Fists

30xaef6.pngGreatly increases one's Atk. Spd. Continuously consumes HP


War Frenzy

1pa0yt.pngIncreases resistance to stun attacks by 15 and resistance to sleep attacks by 30. MP is continuously consumed proportionate to user's level.



e80pso.pngIncreases resistance to paralysis and stun attacks by 30. MP is continuously consumed proportionate to user's level.


Riposte Stance

5oyszp.pngParries and returns an attack using a weapon. Returns 30% of received standard short-range damage back to the enemy, and reflects buff/de-buff with 30% probability. Decreases movement speed by 10%, Atk. Spd. by 20%, and accuracy by 4. MP is continuously consumed proportionate to user's level.


                                                                  ++++Enchanting Skills++++


Ok,in this point we have some changes for epilogue and freya

As we know the attribute of tyrant is Fire,but many guys in highrate has got + resists ,so it's not a good thing to + most of our skils to fire damage.That's why we don't choose fire damage to our skills .Imagine the attribute of players in freya with +3 attributes in a piece of armor +resists.So we can use the fire damage + skill only in low rates.


Active Skills


Force Blaster : HighRate : Duel +    LowRate : Fire Damage +


Hurricane Assault : HighRate : Duel +    LowRate : Fire Damage +


Punch Of Doom  : Highrate : Power +    LowRate : Fire Damage +


Burning Fist : Highrate : Power +  LowRate : Fire Damage +


Cripple : HighRate : Chance +  LowRate :Chance +


Zealot :  HighRate : Time +  LowRate : Time +


Soul Breaker : HighRate : Chance +  LowRate :Chance +  (we choose chance and not defense or magic defense cause they exist mages and fighters too .Common Sense)


War Frenzy : HighRate : Power +    LowRate : Power +


Fortitude : HighRate : Power + for paralysis  LowRate : Power + for paralysis (because we have enough Stun Ressistance)


Passive Skills


Fist Weapon Mastery : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power +


Light Armor Mastery  : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power + (for p def )


Toughness              : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power +


Boost Attack Speed  : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power +


Agile Movement        : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power + (for speed)


Wisdom                    : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power + (you can choose what you want ,i choose for hold)


Health                      : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power + (for bleed) (if you like,not necessary to + it)


Master Of Combat      : HighRate : Power +  LowRate : Power +  (for hand-to-hand)



                                                            Leveling - XP Zones


                                                              1-20 level  :  Elven Ruins

                                                              20-40 level : Death Pass

                                                              40-52 level : Dragon Valley

                                                              52-61 level : Dragon Valley Cave (known as DVC)

                                                              61-70 level : Blazing Swamp

                                                              70-80 level : Varka Or Ketra

                                                              80-85 level : Hellbound (i suggest you to go to Chimeras,for attribute stones .Ex.)




In this point you can choose what type of armor you like ,Light Or Heavy.I know that tyrant has only light mastery ,i suggest you to choose heavy.But don't worry i will post both of them in this guide to choose what you think.




1-19 level-->>>> Heavy :    Bronze Breastplate2zs9u8g.png Bronze Gaiters23012a.pngBronze Helmet290vvw4.png


1-19 level-->>>> Light  :    Wooden Breastplate2z5lvlv.pngWooden Gaiters2e56t50.pngWooden Helmet2elqeiq.png


20-39 level-->>>> Heavy:    Brigandine Tunic10xycdu.pngBrigandine Gaiterssp8y0g.pngBrigandine Helmet2elqeiq.pngBrigandine Gauntletsngo7ev.pngBrigandine Boots2w4k9p0.png


20-39 level-->>>> Light:        Manticore Skin Shirtxnyssn.pngManticore Skin Gaiters303ju3r.pngManticore Skin Bootse6ofa0.png


40-51 level-->>>> Heavy:      Full Plate Armor2enyomu.pngFull Plate Helmet2elqeiq.pngFull Plate Bootsof7wow.pngFull Plate Gauntletszikig2.pngFull Plate Gauntlets


40-51 level-->>>> Light:        Theca Leather Armor10p69tc.pngTheca Leather Gaiters2vl7bls.pngTheca Boots9u24r7.png


52-60 level-->>>>Heavy:        Doom Plate Armor2cp5hlw.pngDoom Helmet2elqeiq.pngDoom Gloves19tpw3.pngDoom Boots2pqq4g7.png


52-60 level-->>>>Light:          Leather Armor Of Doom2wcigt3.pngDoom Helmet2elqeiq.pngDoom Boots2cy1v75.pngDoom Gloves30jimty.png


61-75 level-->>>>Heavy          Tallum Plate Armor2ibhxc6.pngTallum Helm290vvw4.pngTallum Glovesrsbk06.pngTallum Bootsa2r70x.png


61-75 level-->>>>Light              Dark Crystal Leather Armorfcthya.pngDark Crystal Leggings2j2g9af.pngDark Crystal Helmet290vvw4.pngDark Crystal Gloves3447gq1.pngDark Crystal Boots2z7qvk4.jpg


76-79 level-->>>>Heavy            Imperial Crusader Breastplateopwkli.pngImperial Crusader Gaiters24h2v.pngImperial Crusader Helmet290vvw4.pngImperial Crusader Gauntlets2hp6clw.pngImperial Crusader Boots3322p1g.png


76-79 level-->>>>Light              Draconic Leather Armor2v2zfqt.pngDraconic Leather Helmet2elqeiq.pngDraconic Leather Boots2h3pyfa.pngDraconic Leather Gloves52mnnq.png


80-83 level-->>>>Heavy              Dynasty Breastplate Force Masterawxiqv.pngDynasty Gaiters1jaj61.pngDynasty Helmet290vvw4.pngDynasty      Gauntletnbbtvn.pngDynasty Boots2z87zlt.png


80-83 level-->>>>Light                If you like you can choose the light one ,but i suggest you the heavy one


84-85 level-->>>>Heavy              Vesper Noble Breastplate1j2fc2.pngVesper Noble Gaiterss2y2y1.pngVesper Helmet290vvw4.pngVesper Noble Gauntlet1zd5fo4.pngVesper Noble Boots13yq6mr.png


84-85 level-->>>>Light                If you like you can choose the light one ,but i suggest you the heavy one too .Of course if you play a freya server you will have to choose the Elegia armor ,heavy or light ,your choise.




                      Type 1 (Playing With Skill Using)                            Type 2 (Playing With Simple Hits)


1-19 level                  2qdv2va.pngViper Fang                              2qdv2va.pngViper Fang


20-39 level                2m7y8vp.pngScallop Jamadhr                      2m7y8vp.pngScallop Jamadhr


40-51 level                108a528.pngGreat Pata (Rsk.Haste)                              108a528.pngGreat Pata (Rsk.Haste)


52-60 level                  25a4ydw.pngBellion Cestus (Rsk.Haste)                          25a4ydw.pngBellion Cestus (Rsk.Haste)


61-75 level                  2eoe0ck.pngDragon Grinder(Health)                                jb1npu.pngBlood Tornado (Focus)


76-79 level                  x2a2ok.pngDemon Splinter(Health)                                  x2a2ok.pngDemon Splinter(Focus)


80-83 level                  35an81k.pngIcarus Hand (Haste)                                    35an81k.pngIcarus Hand (Focus)


84-85 level                  iz5c92.png Vesper Fighter (Health)                                  iz5c92.png Vesper Fighter (Focus)


If the server is freya use the freya one with the same Special Abilities (SA)





1-19                23hakug.jpg                                      Coral Earring

                                                                        Coral Earring

                                                                        Blue Diamond Necklace

                                                                        Blue Coral Ring

                                                                        Blue Coral Ring


20-39                am2v6.jpg                                        Pailaka Earring

                                                                        Pailaka Earring

                                                                        Necklace Of Darkness

                                                                        Pailaka Ring

                                                                        Pailaka Ring


40-51                2100vlz.png                                      Blessed Earring

                                                                        Blessed Earring

                                                                        Blessed Necklace

                                                                        Blessed Ring

                                                                        Blessed Ring


52-60                er06xl.png                                      Earring Of Black Ore

                                                                        Earring Of Black Ore

                                                                        Necklace Of Black Ore

                                                                        Ring Of Black Ore

                                                                        Ring Of Black Ore


61-75                25s3ivn.png                                      Majestic Earring

                                                                        Majestic Earring

                                                                        Majestic Necklace

                                                                        Majestic Ring

                                                                        Majestic Ring


76-79                2u93ln6.png                                      Tateossian Earring

                                                                        Tateossian Earring

                                                                        Tateossian Necklace

                                                                        Tateossian Ring

                                                                        Tateossian Ring


80-83                j9yf5t.png                                      Dynasty Earring

                                                                        Dynasty Earring

                                                                        Dynasty Necklace

                                                                        Dynasty Ring

                                                                        Dynasty Ring


84-85                21dh2lk.png                                      Vesper Earring

                                                                        Vesper Earring

                                                                        Vesper Necklace

                                                                        Vesper Ring

                                                                        Vesper Ring


If you play a freya server ,choose the freya jewels


RB Jw                  2mzmiqu.png                                      Antharas Earring

                                                                        Zaken Earring

                                                                        Valakas Necklace

                                                                        Ring of Ant Queen

                                                                        Ring Of Baium



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  You will have to do your self buffs : Dark Form2e51ox4.png+War Frenzy1pa0yt.png+Fury Fists30xaef6.png+Fortitudee80pso.png+a tottem of your choise .Of couse we will talk about these in pvp later.NOTE : in pvp with gladi and tank and tyrant Or other great damagers change a buff ,and put the Chant Of Revenge for deflect or just add it.NOTE:if your server have more buff slots ,you can add dwarf buffs like Sharp Edge 2m5kky9.png and Case Harden6jn490.png if you wear heavy ,but if you wear light do this buff Hard Tanning2en7x44.png




Grand Khavatari ,in my opinion,doesn't need dyes.If you want to add a dye ,you will have to choose Str +4  Con -4 ,because Grand Khavatati has a enough hp and stun ressistance.




Passive:    Duel Might

Passive:    Shield

Passive:    Magic Shield (i am not sure for that .Passive For M Def)

Passive:    Anchor .It has Chances

Passive:    Hold     .It has Chances

Actives: if you can stuck your actives in the server and you have enough items to do it,make other weapons with active.


                      Certification Skills


The simple books use them for the Physical Defense and Magic Defense.The other skills will be Counter Barrier2w6rjnq.png,Counter Hasteb7z0w8.png and Counter Defenseb8mert.png OR  Counter Spiritnx1f76.png (your choise)


                      Tactics Of Pvp


            Vs Mage


Some Mages Run and some mages stay in their position . Now the pvp it depends on the two types you wanna play ,with hits or with skills.I suggest you to choose the skill path for mages(I think the power is in skills for all the pvps,but it will be next) cause they may run.To catch them we will use the Rabbit Totem ,and you can keep it to battle if they don't run or choose the Ogre Totem to have more m def and satisfactory P atck.The First Step is to catch them ,when you catch them you will start using your skills continiously and they are 2 options for the mages ,1)they will try to run and hit ,so keep the Rabit Totem and use your skills,2)they will stay in their position ,so you can use the Ogre Totem Too.You have a lot of chances to win the pvp because the mages earn a lot of damage.If you have + your stun , you can easily beat them .If the mage is strong use the classic Bison Totem and Zealot if your hp falls a lot.You can use + Final Secret to increase the damage of your skills


            Vs Archers


For Archers you will have to use the same tactic as for mages.The first thing is to catch them and hit them .But in this case the archer won't stop running ,so keep your Rabit Totem.If you can't reach him (something impossible ) start hitting him with Raging Force and Force Blaster .F1 + F2 together(if you have them there like my bar protype at the begging)And always your first hit must be the stun while he is running .If the archer is strong you will use the Bison Totem and Zealot as with the mages.In this case ,the best type is the 1st one because it will be difficult to defeat him with normal skills while he will run.You can use + Final Secret to increase the damage of your skills


            Vs  Daggers


For Daggers you will have to use the type 1 (only skills) because the daggers have a great evasion so the hits would go away : ( .Ok,Daggers are melee so it will be easy if you are focused and you don't be tricked or switched .Use all your skills and you will defeat him.When i say or your attack skills i mean it ,you will use  Raging Force and Force Blaster TOO.Also you can use stun continiously with other skills(This is common sense) .In this pvp you can use Rabbit Totem or the Ogre Totem ,i suggest you to use the Ogre Totem for more p def ,cause as we know daggers are a bit Op in dmg .If the dagger is strong use again Bison Totem And Zealot as with all other classes . You can use + Final Secret to increase the damage of your skills.


              Vs Tanks


Tanks are a difficult opponent for most players.But you have a lot to do to try kill him.In this case you will have to use again type 1 because tanks have shield defense and most of your skills ignore it,so that's better than normal hits.So we will use are skills continiously.Use the Ogre Totem .When a tank use his true power of Flame Icon or Pain Of Shillen etc ,use your skill Riposte Stance for reflect the big damage.(NOTE:Some changes to the buff,as we saw before).Remember ,you have more HP than a tank and with your good skills you may win.Also you can use Force Barrier in the end to avoid some damage(NOTE : don't hit while it's on or run,it will be disappear)If you see that the tank won't die ,use your secret Bison Totem + Zealot + Final Secret as all the pvps


               Vs Other Tyrant


This will be a difficult pvp but it depends a lot in the use of which type of tyrant(with skills or with hits) In this case ,i suggest you to use the Ogre Totem for more p def if the other tyrant use skills (Type 1) .But if the other tyrant use normal hits it's better to use the Riposte Stance skill to give some damage back to the enemy(NOTE:Some changes to the buff,as we saw before) and use the Rabit Totem and start using your skills.When the other tyrant use the Zealot + Bison Totem + Final Secret ,use your Riposte Stance(in any case) or Force Barrier and start using skills.When your hp falls too use the same tactic Zealot + Bison Totem + Final Secret.


                Vs Gladiator


In this pvp ,you will have to be careful when you pvping to win.The chances are with the gladiator if you don't use your skills in the correct time.In this pvp ,we will use the Ogre Totem for more p def against the damager (gladiator).When you notice that the opponent use his Maximum Force Skill to give you 2 triples you will immediately use the Focus Barrier.If you see that your opponent does a lot of damage you will use the Riposte Stance of course.At the end when your hp falls use the well known ,1000 times refered tactic Zealot + Bison Totem + Final Secret


(As i proved you the best way to play a tyrant is with type 1 ,using skills)

                 Olympiad Tactics


The olympiad tactics are the same as the pvp tactics.In case you run out off mana ,equip your other weapon (focus) and start hitting with normal hits(i have never run out of mana in olympiad ).Of course use all the tricks you know about olympiad with the weapons for blessed of body etc.If you follow the tactics of pvp you have a lot of chances to win .



Now that i have finished my guide you can't imagine how proud i feel for my work ,because it's my work and not a copy/paste.The whole guide is mine and the icons for skills and armors (weapons and jewels etc are mine) are from lineage.pmfun.com.I wish ,i didn't waste a whole day just to don't satisfie anybody.I wish you liked my Guide.



Best Wishes For The New Year From HiGhQuaLiTy











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with totem to use,and when

SA on weapon


better use armors from one of my guides(that have stats in right)


the topic was to long check again .:D
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the topic was to long check again .:D

Yes i did

guide is perfect(if u want put armors like i did in my topic->take images,it's better)



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OH MAH GAD. Just translate this into greek for [gr] ( if u rly are rom greece) and you will be duple rewarded.

He can't do it



anyway,respect to HighQuality,his first guide here and it's already one of the best existing

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thank you guys .you make me feel really glad cause i spent a whole day to make everything be perfect and be shown perfect.i hope my guide help a lot of players.

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