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  1. if you are interested in house music check my friend's facebook page please :) https://www.facebook.com/dj.chades Thank you in advance :)
  2. What about the pvp server?
  3. Hello guys i would like if someone could make an avatar for my youtube channel.I actually tried and i am so bad at it.I want it to be green colour and as text name "GR33NPEARL" thnx in advance... this is what i make but it is shown so bad in small avatar ..hmm also it must be 800x800 or this is what youtube suggests i wanted to be something like an emblem or something better than what i made :P
  4. League Of Legends - Η Ξεροψημένη Σφολιάτα
  5. Summoner name: Gr33nPeArL HDC Server : EU Nordic-East SoloQ Current/Max Rating : 1580/1715 Most Prefarable Role : Top
  6. I would like to know which network is best to cooperate with to become a youtube partner.more specifically i wanna know which one gives you more money (i know that they are not mch : ) and which gives you more options. if that country counts,i am from greece and my videos refer to greek people my channel : www.youtube.com/user/gr33npearl PS:i know that i have low views and subs but i just wanna know.thnx in advance !
  7. you need partnership probably
  8. vsk auto pou prospathw na sou e3igiso ine oti otan vlepeis toso fail pragmata stamatas na prospatheis kai eci. :(
  9. dn 3ero ti m lete alla an dn kanete spectate na deite ti petixeno dn tha m legate kan :P exo toulaxiston 1 afk se kathe game.standar omws xoris ipervoles
  10. em kita an eheis fail omada ti na kaneis? sto ena me xin zhao to game itane 1v5 ixa 4 afkers.kai otan 3eneroneis me auous trollareis kapies fores opos ekana me blitz.dn eheis idea ti iparhei sto east.episis an dn kaneis spectate dn boreis na katalaveis pos pezo btw auti tin stigmi pou pezo,exo 3 afkers kai to game ine 3-35. gia na katalaveis
  11. dekta ola :P e dn pezo kai toso athlia finito :P 1650 elo me tetia teams pou petixeno :( an prose3eis sto video oi dikoi m peftoune apo minions kai ine ranked 1600 ekei..