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  1. Hello, i am creating a presentation for my college and instead of doing it oral, i though to try out something else out. I am willing to buy a template (+ fast explanation how to add my texts) where a hand writes in a paper (like a diary, like presented in the video above) but occasionally change page and having more than a simple line of text per page. PM on forum or write me in the topic.
  2. Is there any Interlude complete systemmsg? The systemmsg shared around the web with English language miss about 500 messages. I was able only to find Russian language, but its really hard to translate. Maybe has to do with the latest update ( http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/199719-interlude-client-with-071212-updates-windows-10-compatibility/ ), where we cannot access latest system files. Average Russian systemmsg has about 2600 messages, English systemmsg has about 2050-2150 Tried google translate but translation isn't accurate. Here is what left to translate (cannot find i
  3. Tested Servitor Empowerment with no buffs, just acumen and baium, and the icon had 1 second delay Barriers were working good :) Edit: Without acumen, only baium, skill was working fine
  4. Thats what i was talking about . Very smooth colors, good job. The only bug i mention so far was the following, animation get under the ground when you are on stairs or hills
  5. Check you pms i send you a message with a video demonstrating what i meant.
  6. Both actually, when you use a seal instead of standard animation it shows a color of your choice cycle = the range of the seal [so you know when a seal from thje enemy dominator can get into your position and when you dominator is sealing enemies]
  7. If you add Counterattack, Dodge, Mirage, Sonic Barrier, Force Barrier i believe this will be one of the best patches for Olympiad. Other people would have done the things you do and try to make profit, thanks for sharing it free !! One small request that i think everyone wants is the overlord debuff range (similar to that [if it helps it is already shared on PROGRAMMING patch but cannot work with other patches like yours]) I believe you deserve reputation, someone should consider give it to you
  8. I am not the creator of it :( Have you tried using zealot first and then frenzy? This way i cannot get frenzy on the bar, while when using frenzy -> zealot i get it. EDIT: seems like the server i am playing has modified the duration of frenzy and it makes it lagging, loged in different server and frenzy/zealot was working okay.
  9. As for latest version of the patch, frenzy does not work anymore (or it doesnt show up in mass pvp 30 ppl only zealot show up on titan and celestial if they get any), before fixing celestial it was working fine. Celestial has still 1 second delay, ue/zealon are wroking fine
  10. for me it still has delay with latest donwload PS: I did double post because i couldnt edit the post above.
  11. Everything works for me, just change the ue from toggle and update every single one of it (since if you enchant it you will not have effect with that skillgrp)