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L2J ][ Europa - PvP Server.


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Hey all,


The new server cooming soon - Europa - PvP style.




Some features:


- Experience: 1000x

- Adena Drop: 500x


- Max enchant 10/11. By NPC - 16.

- Blessed Enchant Rate: 95%


- Dusk weapons, Apella / Dynasty armor, Reflect and Eva Shields.

(Apella +16 = Dynasty +0) (Same stats)


- Boosted BladeDancer.

- Boosted SwordSinger.

- Boosted WarLord (With Spear).

- Boosted Summoners.

- Boosted Prophet.

- Boosted WarCryer.

- Boosted Dwarfs.

- Boosted Dark Avenger.

- "HIDE" Skill for Daggers.

- Anti Heavy Set For Archers - HE/PR/SR.


- TvT/CTF/Event Medal events.


- S and NON grade disabled in olympiad.


- PvP reward - COL (Coin of Luck)

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Explain me better this


- Max enchant 10/11. By NPC - 16.


and this

- S and NON grade disabled in olympiad.

u mean that we must play oly with a grade items?


this features looks exactly like old l2oldschool features and i like 'em.. even if this is highrate and other one was mid rate..

i'll join.. buy a domain and i hope isn't homehosted..

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Download the Interlude Client Here


Download the  Patch SOON!!!

Login : January 03. 18:00


Game : January 03. 18:00

As i can see from the website server will open tomorrow..

I'll join cause i like the features but if is homehosted i'll quit it

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1. It is not home hosted.



- Max enchant 10/11. By NPC - 16.
check this out below:


Max enchant armor/jewel is 10. Max enchant weapon is 11.


When you reach +10/11 you can enchant by NPC enchanter till +16 (100% succes) (sure it cost much more than scroll)


3. Patch will be added tommorow (monday).


4. Olympiad - Yes you can fight in olympiad only with D/C/B/A grades.



F@ck! An other one sh1t homemade sh1tlude server with f@cking full customs. Go and die!

This custom like apella and dusk weapons are not custom, becouse they are already in Lineage II since C5 and Dynasty armor is not really custom, becouse I took it from gracia..


Another thing they called custom becouse their stats are not stack. They are boosted.

For sure it is not cosmic stats like 2500 atk/cst.spd and OMG p/m.atk.


One more thing augmentation is disabled becouse it making DISbalance.


Hope helped!



P.S. Yea, I played oldschool and L2 Gold, thats why I took some ideas from their servers. And I made it high rate becouse its really boring in L2 Gold or oldschool to farm. Here ( On L2 Europa ) you can easily farm for items, and you are ready for PvP and boost your character by PvP rewards by buying enchant scrolls.


P.S.S. Do not start spam about PvP boxers, there is already protection for it and I getting all LOGS from PvP, so I'm watching you.

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next homemade for donates and will close ....

now I know why you have -2 karma. haha, joke :]


P.S. Yes its home made, made just by me and some friends help. I wont make anything with other people becouse they can steal everything easy. It took many time for make server like this, with this information.


I think the home made server is just: "download server pack and open the server". But I reedited whole server. That is my opinion..


P.S.S. Just dont start off topic, thanks :)

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Home made and home hosted not same.


I dont really know what he was thinking saying "home made", I thinking about that like I did it alone at home without team.

But server is hosted not at home, not at home pc.

It is not not home hosted.

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