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    6στερος και επίσημα !
  1. Too many farm for a server like this.
  2. An admin said on announcement : We banned a guy named ------------ for asking items or he ll DDos us. After 10 sec the server is dead. Cool story bro.
  3. I may repeat my self. We want a good and fresh start W/O DDOS problems!
  4. Seriously ? Thats the answer from the admin of this server? God,i wish to your server to die in the next 10 minutes.
  5. That's what every owner/admin says to be honest. We will see on the GO.
  6. Can i know more infos about your DDos protection ? We 'r looking for a server(a group arround 15 people) and we liked your features. If for security reasons u cant tell exactly the protections u have got so far to protect DDos,at least give me some "infos"
  7. uh,for a moment i couldnt undestand whos the owner and whos koza.. same broken english.. :< Guess what,we r corrupted for a bow +8.. BR's got +10 aswell..SGC HEIL