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Buying rpg x15 adenas 100kk 4 euros


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Hello, if you're interested in 6€ for 100.000.000 (and 100% safe transaction), let me know how much you need through the pm. Thanks.

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DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM, He is a really good scammer (I have all logs on msn/skype AND screenshots about the scam if any admin want to BAN him). I thought i could trust someone with donatorship I SHOULDNT HAVE. He asks for items first and then pretend his paypal is bugged and don't want to give the items back because he says he is pissed off his pp is bugging, then log off msn/skype.

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I trully agry with you, couse i tried to trade with him, but he wanted adena first and later money.

I searched his posts and i didn't found any reccomends to this person, so i don't risked, and it seems i was correct :)

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Send the screenshots in here, so we can see if he is a scammer or not.


Without any proof, nothing can be done.

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21:33:18 Jun: name IG?

21:35:02 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ptunik

21:35:10 Jun: ok

21:35:24 Jun: transfer 50euros

21:35:29 Jun: on **********

21:35:31 Jun: on paypal

21:35:43 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ...

21:35:51 Jun: what?

21:35:51 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: are u really think that im sending first to random guy?

21:35:56 Jun: random?

21:36:02 Jun: lol check my post please first

21:36:05 Jun: i'm trusted seller

21:36:07 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ok

21:36:08 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: show

21:36:09 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ur post

21:36:24 Jun: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=188773.0

21:36:26 Jun: check the people

21:36:36 Jun: do you really think im going to post 50posts to make myself a post like this?

21:36:57 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: I dont care it was on x5

21:36:58 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: not x15

21:37:00 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: and other guys

21:37:01 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: have the same

21:37:04 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: signatures like u

21:37:06 Jun: lol

21:37:08 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: so i have

21:37:10 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: potensial

21:37:12 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: thinking

21:37:15 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: that u are scammer..

21:37:16 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: u think

21:37:19 Jun: rofl

21:37:19 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: im scamming

21:37:23 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: and loosing my vip

21:37:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: whats point for me?

21:37:29 Jun: alright

21:37:33 Jun: i give you 500kk

21:37:34 Jun: you give me 50euros

21:37:36 Jun: i give you other 500kk

21:37:37 Jun: ok

21:37:38 Jun: ?

21:38:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: 25 euros

21:38:29 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: then 500

21:38:30 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: and 25

21:38:32 Jun: i said

21:38:37 Jun: i have facking fees everytime

21:38:39 Jun: ...

21:38:42 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i pay

21:38:44 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: from myself

21:38:50 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: not from the 50

21:38:51 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: amount

21:38:53 Jun: yes it is

21:38:59 Jun: i did many trades i know rofl

21:39:11 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: damn

21:39:12 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: u swear

21:39:15 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: no scamm me

21:39:15 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?

21:39:17 Jun: why would I

21:39:20 Jun: i have a lot to sell

21:39:22 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: idk..

21:39:23 Jun: if i scam you now

21:39:25 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: come mdt

21:39:26 Jun: i can't sell other shiet

21:41:11 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: im at mdt

21:41:14 Jun: mdt?

21:41:24 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: monster derby track

21:41:26 Jun: ah

21:41:28 Jun: okay

21:41:29 Jun: omw

21:41:34 Jun: so we do like this?

21:41:37 Jun: 500kk 50euros 500kk?

21:41:48 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: yes but if u scamm i swear im going to get banned u

21:41:52 Jun: yup no worry

21:41:55 Jun: i wont

21:42:08 Jun: i just started selling stuff

21:42:36 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: kk

21:43:20 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ok

21:43:21 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: paypal

21:43:27 Jun: David_nrt@hotmail.com

21:43:30 Jun: check with name

21:44:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: when u will have

21:44:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: more

21:46:05 Jun: so?

21:46:13 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wait

21:46:17 Jun: sure

21:50:24 Jun: still waiting

21:50:27 Jun: what takes so long

21:50:49 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: my paypal

21:50:50 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: fucked uo

21:50:51 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: says

21:50:53 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: my acess

21:50:54 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: are limited

21:51:12 Jun: lol?

21:51:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ..y

21:51:27 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: es

21:51:33 Jun: so what now?

21:52:03 Jun: and why did you left mdt  lol

21:52:50 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wait

21:52:52 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i will come

21:52:52 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it:

21:54:03 Jun: so i guess you'll have to give me back the 500kk until your paypal is fixed

21:54:09 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ye

21:54:19 Jun: never mind i'll farm more adenas for you meanwhile

21:55:39 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: **name surname**

21:55:39 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?

21:55:42 Jun: yep

21:55:43 Jun: its me

21:55:43 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: **name surname**

21:56:09 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: dalton, you have sent $64.00 USD to **name surname**.

21:56:33 Jun: lol

21:56:36 Jun: r u kidding? xd

21:56:42 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?

21:56:45 Jun: Montant total :


$1.00 USD

Montant de la commission :


-$0.34 USD

Montant net :


$0.66 USD


21:56:48 Jun: i just got 0.66USD

21:56:53 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wtf

21:56:54 Jun: you sent me 1dollar

21:57:02 Jun: and 0.34$ fee

21:57:04 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ??

21:57:05 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: refund

21:57:07 Jun: so i get 0.66$

21:57:15 Jun: yy

21:57:37 Jun: dude

21:57:46 Jun: if I refund you i'll lose more rofl

21:57:49 Jun: with the fee and shiet

21:57:53 Jun: first why did you send dollars?

21:57:58 Jun: and second how come its only 1dollar slol

21:58:01 Jun: i can make you a print

21:58:28 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ..

21:58:52 Jun:

21:59:08 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i cant

21:59:09 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: accept

21:59:13 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: im on meebo

21:59:26 Jun: dude

21:59:29 Jun: seriously

21:59:31 Jun: i got 1$

21:59:36 Jun: change them to euros first

21:59:43 Jun: or whatever

22:00:05 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?

22:00:06 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i cant

22:00:44 Jun: what do i do with dollars

22:00:45 Jun: i dont need them

22:00:46 Jun: lol

22:00:54 Jun: can you please come to mdt please first

22:01:28 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wait lol

22:01:29 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: refund my

22:01:30 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: bucks

22:01:35 Jun: your 1 dollar?

22:02:31 Jun: Paiement reçu (Numéro de transaction unique 9PS66812XV8100252)


Envoyé par :


dalton macayle

Adresse email de l'acheteur :



Paiement envoyé à :



**name surname**



Montant total :


$1.00 USD

Montant de la commission :


-$0.34 USD

Montant net :


$0.66 USD



Effectuer un remboursement


22:02:39 Jun: what do you want me to refund? 0.66$???

22:02:49 Jun: i will have more fees than the money you gave me  rofl

22:03:11 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: just

22:03:12 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: refund

22:03:13 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: .........

22:03:19 Jun: alright i will

22:03:32 Jun: but can you come mdt please

22:03:41 Jun: i would like the 500kk adenas first, I really don't feel this

22:03:49 Jun: i will refund, and we'll make proper deal again

22:04:52 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: Login: onekill@web.de

Password: 22357974leckmich

22:04:53 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: try to log in

22:04:57 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: I DONT UDNERSTAND

22:04:58 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: whats going on

22:05:10 Jun: y well its freackin me out xP

22:05:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?

22:05:21 Jun: na

22:05:30 Jun: i just dont get how i can receive 1$ if you sent 50

22:05:30 Jun: xD

22:06:28 Jun: what did you give me?

22:06:33 Jun: the logs dont work on l2

22:06:52 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: its

22:06:54 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: paypal..

22:06:55 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: my paypal

22:06:56 Jun: lol

22:07:00 Jun: u want me to log your paypal r u crazy?

22:07:23 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: yes..

22:07:24 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: check

22:07:25 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ..

22:07:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: aasd]

22:07:28 Jun: na

22:07:31 Jun: come mdt first

22:07:32 Jun: asap

22:07:35 Jun: i want adenas first

22:07:36 Jun: and i do that

22:07:41 Jun: come

22:08:30 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?

22:08:49 Jun: come give me adenas first

22:09:04 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wait

22:09:04 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: sfd

22:09:07 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: jm fuckgkijk

22:09:09 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: aopised of

22:09:13 Jun: lol?

22:09:15 Jun: dude

22:09:18 Jun: just gimme my adenas first

22:09:22 Jun: and well make the deal again

22:09:23 Jun: now

22:09:49 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: /;

22:09:50 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: now??

22:09:53 Jun: yes please

22:09:54 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: log in

22:09:55 Jun: i give you back

22:09:55 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: to my paypal

22:09:57 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: looooook

22:09:58 Jun: nop

22:10:02 Jun: give me adenas first

22:10:04 Jun: i give you back after

22:10:16 Jun: i give you 1kkk after but give me back 500kk please

22:10:18 Jun: come mdt

22:10:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ???????????????

22:10:23 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: fuck u

22:10:24 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: my

22:10:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: paypal

22:10:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: pissed me off

22:10:28 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: because

22:10:28 Jun: lol?

22:10:30 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i sended 1bucks

22:10:30 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: to u

22:10:32 Jun: dude

22:10:34 Jun: you are trying to scam me

22:10:38 Jun: i got it

22:11:14 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ?????????

22:11:15 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: fuck sake

22:11:16 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: look

22:11:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: log in to my

22:11:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: paypal

22:11:18 Jun: dude

22:11:20 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: im not

22:11:23 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: fucking lying


22:11:29 Jun: GIVE ME 500KK BACK FIRST

22:11:32 Jun: AND THEN I GO CHECK

22:11:36 Jun: you think you are the only one pissed?

22:11:49 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: /0p-'o;k/?>>>>>>>>>>>

22:11:56 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: WAIT THEN

22:11:58 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: if ur not

22:11:59 Jun: thanks

22:11:59 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: helping me

22:12:07 Jun: i will help you

22:12:10 Jun: but give me 500kk first

22:13:04 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: ye ye u will

22:13:05 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wait

22:13:07 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: be patient

22:13:10 Jun: sure

22:13:12 Jun: log in to mdt please

22:13:18 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i

22:13:21 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: exited l2

22:13:21 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: now

22:13:23 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: fixing pp

22:13:24 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: weait

22:13:29 Jun: just log

22:13:30 Jun: to l2

22:13:44 Jun: seriously i want the adenas back first, before i help you fixe pp

22:14:16 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: u dont want

22:14:44 Jun: what?

22:14:52 Jun: yes i want to sell for 50euros

22:14:55 Jun: but i want adenas back first

22:15:02 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: wait;Č

22:15:07 Jun: yes i wait

22:15:13 Jun: but i want the adenas first

22:15:21 Jun: and i ll give back to you when you fixed paypal

22:15:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: U WILLGET


22:15:36 Jun: do it now and i will refund you

22:15:38 Jun: simple

22:15:39 Jun: as shit

22:18:00 Jun: log with ptunik

22:18:04 Jun: and give me my 500kk adenas back first

22:18:24 Jun: just do it, or i won't trade you more like 5kkk

22:19:36 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: i wont buy

22:19:37 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: if i dont fix

22:19:39 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: my paypal

22:19:41 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: dont be stupid

22:19:43 Jun: i understand

22:19:54 Jun: so give me back my 500kk while your paypal is bugged

22:19:58 Jun: and when it's not i will trade you back

22:20:06 Jun: coz i dont have ++++ time to wait you fix your pp

22:26:06 Jun: so how is it going?

22:26:17 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: trying

22:26:26 Jun: trying what?

22:27:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: FIX IT?

22:28:43 Jun: and tell me how u wanna fix it?

22:28:44 Jun: byursef?

22:28:51 Jun: this is lol

22:28:53 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: yes

22:28:54 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: im on hold

22:28:56 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: calling paypal

22:29:57 Jun: seriously

22:30:00 Jun: you can try as hard you want

22:30:04 Jun: DONT FUCK WITH ME


22:30:22 Jun: do you think im fucking stupid????

22:30:31 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: 7pm?

22:30:32 Jun: Just log the FUCK in and give me back the 500kk

22:30:32 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: DDDDDDDDDD

22:30:34 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

22:30:37 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: 7pm?

22:31:16 Jun: just gimme my 500kk back or all the logs we had on msn/skype and screens will be posted and you will be banned seriously

22:31:26 Jun: just fackin log and gimme my 500kk

22:31:28 Jun: and IF YOU ARE LEGIT

22:31:31 Jun: we will make trade again


22:31:46 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: JUST WAIT

22:31:48 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: and go farm

22:31:50 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: for next trade

22:31:59 Jun: wait what? you calling ? dont piss me more than im already

22:32:04 Jun: it s not open at that time

22:32:46 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: call urself

22:32:49 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: if u dont believe

22:33:01 Jun: alright lets say i believe you

22:33:18 Jun: while you are on hold just gimme back the 500kk, its not hard to click on l2.exe and open a window at the same time

22:33:21 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: SO IF U BELIEVE

22:33:24 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: shut the fuck u

22:33:26 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: and

22:33:27 JohnBrambo@hotmail.it: WAIT

22:33:33 Jun: i dont have INFINITE time

22:33:34 Jun: rofl

22:33:40 Jun: like it's MY business if your pp is fucking up

22:41:01 Jun: alright log in x15

22:41:03 Jun: i have to go soon

22:41:15 Jun: so give me back the 500kk, fix your pp and next time i log and your pp is fixed we trade again

22:41:29 Jun: since you are legit and that's what normal people do, let's do it this way and don't tell me you are fixing your pp

Statut changé en Hors ligne (22:43:30)

22:46:03 Jun: lol

22:52:33 Jun: did you just block me?


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