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  1. WTB adena on core server atm need just 200 mil 10 euro. online right now
  2. tnx for free bump but please spam your own topic! UP
  3. As stated in the title. PM me for futher conversation.
  4. wts L2toxic +6/+180 Dark AM Acumen +3/+60 Fire Dynasty Robe set +3 tts set skype bucisonfire
  5. werry good buye.r was plesure to deal with ya!!! u can trust him!
  6. WTS LVL 80 Norn warrier with full exsotic bersek gear + weapn . nice looking gear (donation+dungeon gear) have about 40 gold for sale also also have fresh email with it with all the details CHAR IS SOLD
  7. back in business wtb gw2 gold
  8. i was going to buy from them. but they ask to mutch personal info about me whits i really dont like. but they have good gold price i guess cheapest in market atm but too much questions
  9. as in title wtt psc to paypal. i have about 14 euro withs i need to transfer to my paypal acc.
  10. wtb gw2 gold on eu server. have paypal verifid. have about 20$ to spend. price is about 0,30-0,35 per gold
  11. maby is here someone who can lvl up my gw1 acc to 15/50 or higher for some money? let me know tnx
  12. WBT gw1 HOM 30/50 acc or higher NOT linked to gw 2 add me on skype gachus77