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How to download .torrent files


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To download a torrent file you first need a torrent client so here is a list of some (i prefer BitComet and utorrent)







I will make this guide with utorrent so you might want to use it for a begging....

So install utorrent after downloading it

then turn the program from desktop shortcut

You will see something like this: http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/9213/ughhuhoc7.jpg only without the loong list...Some torrent trackers require registration to use but biggest once are free i will show you how to download a torrent from pirates bay using mozzila firefox as browser. First of all we have to have an idea what we are looking for so let us say that we want to watch some episodes of Family Guy a USA aired show that is very good actually so we go to: http://thepiratebay.org/ and we type in Family Guy in the search engine and press enter. Now then you have 2 choices one is to click the green arrows next to the torrent and start downloading it or click the torrent itself and check the information in it :


Now then let us say you want more information about the torrent and you click it you get a new window loaded with info

So you see the info how big it is how many seeders/leechers it has (i will explain that later) basic torrent info:


And you can click download this torrent (same as clicking green arrow before seeing more info...)

If you are using firefox you should get smth like this: http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/306/dlwindowbh0.jpg (if you are using internet explorer just click Open when file is downloaded) click Open :)

Now then you get this pop up in utorrent : http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/2669/utorrentyg0.jpg

Pick the episodes you want and it will start downloading. Torrents are a system that makes files into small pieces under 4 megabytes and people download pieces under 4 mb form each other. It is a bit of a complicated system ...basically if you have even downloaded 1 piece of the torrent while downloading you are also sharing it to anyone who might need it to complete this movie/game/song. A leecher is a person who is currently downloading the torrent and hasn't finished it yet (he still can share any piece of the torrent he has downloaded) seeder is the person who has the full torrent and can share all pieces with anyone who needs them . it is important to know that a torrent with 0 seeders can not be downloaded until at least one joins in...peers=leechers+seeders total :)

Hmm well if you have any questions ask away i am prepared to reply to everything you might want to know :)


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I think uTorrent is best for those who have old PC because this program don't "eat" very much memory.

I moved from utorrent to Azureus because it used to tilt my computer. Dunno what was the prob.

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torrents are good, but I prefer moorhunt (www.moorhunt.pl). MH is better, cause u can download with max speed almost all the time


Yep, ciger is right - MH rulz. Anyway I'm using µTorrent. Very good transfers!

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