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[WTS] L2j Interlude Pack + Updates + Bug Fixing ONLY 5 EURO!!!!!

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Hello guys since it's my first sell i will have low prices and i would appreciate some good comments  Cheesy well let's start

the pack that i am going to sell it's compiled by me and i will provide free updated + i will fix immediately any bug you post/pm/e-mail me...

Let's see some of the packs info.....


Inserted Events:

[*] Capture The Flag

[*] Death Match

[*] Team vs Team

[*] Vip




Custom Settings

[*] Protected Banking System(".deposit",".withdraw")

[*]Start Title System

[*] Walker Protection

[*] Custom Hero Item

[*]GM over enchant protection

[*] Allow Players Over 76 Level To Trade Characters

[*] Custom Voice Commands


[*]Walker Protection

[*] Stucksubs Mode

[*]Welcome Text for donator

[*]Faction Good vs Evil

[*] Away System Config

[*]Equipment Restriction

[*]Offline Shops

[*]Max Clan lvl 10

[*]Custom enchant System (you can change the values from 0 to +35)

[*]Announce Castle lords

[*]Npc to Pc Polymorph

More and More  :D







[*]New MMOcore[

[*]Various Flood Protectors

(UseItem, RollDice,Firework,ItemPetSummon,HeroVoice,GlobalChat,Subclass,DropItem,ServerBypass,ServerBypass - MultisellFrom Pet, Private Store, Warehouse, Destroy,etc)

[*]All known Phx bugs Fixed!



5 euro

PaySafe Card

10 euro


Don't forget

these prices include free updates, bug fixing, and live support, and help to install them if you are a newbie  :P



Prices Edited

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known bugs?

all skills working normal?

more info pls


yep all the known bugs are fixed , i will give more infos to someone that is interested in buying! thanks in advance!

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[HeRoMaN][" post=1425292" timestamp="1286975082]

Can You Tell Me iF Anyone Has Bought The Pack? Is It Tested?


no the pack hasn't been sold yet(i made the topic yesterday ;) ) well it is tested by me and if you want to test  it then you can pm me your msn so we can talk about it......

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Omg...What shits i will see here to sell every day!!Omg...I think this market place is full of shits...!


well i would like to hear why is that instead of flaming my post without reason...So tell me why before i report you....

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well i would like to hear why is that instead of flaming my post without reason...So tell me why before i report you....

Because its crazy to sell l2jpack for 2 euros...So the guy that buy it he should open a server and spend money for deticated,domain,advertisment and other shit and he buy the pack 2 euros???Its full of bugs and i am sure that you dont know to fix them!

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2€ for a L2J Pack?


It means that its not worth a shit.


of courses it worth men it is my work and as i told you in first post this is my first sale and no one knows me so i am going to start cheap! so don't flame without reason....

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    • Ty ! Mmm you know what .dll is ??? 💪 And other question, if i need new scroll enchant for the new grade is the same ? I need to modify the core ? Or copy the original enchant scroll and put other valudes ( and in new item put something like MsgID) works ??? You try ??? 
    • is there any way to auto quest ? its a custom quest on this server though
    • Looking for experienced dev to work with acis, have few major work requests which i can mention only in private. pm here or discord uNq#9999.   l2palace.com project.
    • Soulshot item right click action is hardcoded inside .dll, unless I'm mistaken. So your best bet is to ask someone like AlisaCodeDragon (but I doubt he can do it, I already asked him for this and he said he'll do it but ignored me for months). Otherwise if you don't need pet soulshot in your server you can use their item ids for your new soulshots, which is the way I did it back in L2Eola.
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