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[Request] Code for enable target_self buffs with Anti-buff shield



So i added this code:


to my server, and i have one problem, i am not able to use potions, like greater healing potion, magic haste potion and etc.

the potions which i can use is: qhp, mana, cp which skilltype is "hot".


The point i want to add line that if i am with anti-buff effect, i can use potions or even buffs which has option target_self.


I am bad in java but i quess here:


// With Mystic Immunity you can't be buffed/debuffed

if (target.isBuffShieldOn())



So my quess it should be something like:


            // Walls and Door should not be buffed

            if(target.isBuffShieldOn && != SkillTargetType.TARGET_SELF ))


But i need correct edit :) i dont understand java, i just quess.


So maybe someone could help me with that?

I would be thankfull 4ever =]


Best Regards,


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