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[Bugs]6.68b Bugs

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Io,The Guardian Wisp Tether Bug :


Permanent bonus speed for an allied hero.

Steps :

1.Pick Io

2.Cast Tether on an allied hero and repick your hero (-repick)


Guardian WIsp Armlet Heal Bug :

++ HP Regenaration for an allied hero

Requirments :

Skils : Tether

Item : Armlet Of Mordiggian

Steps :

1.Cast Tether to an allied hero

2.Use your armlet.


Well,there is another one,but I don't think it is a bug..anyway...

Its name..UberChicken :D

Steps :

1.Purchase a courrier

2.Buy your starting items

3.Move to your lane w/ your courier.(hide it in the trees,so the opponent can't kill it)

4.Buy the items you want

5.Go to your courrier and press the new "skill".Collect the items.

6.Tadaam,your items are in the courrier instead your circle :D


Thanks to :

Ancient Defender



for finding those bugs.

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I think 6.68c is nearby. The first bug is a major bug. The third bug ( it is a bug ) is also more than useful.

Where is the second bug's video? :S  You posted a wrong link.

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they will be fixed soon:)

but nice,in first 6.68 was a techies bug

and i didnot understand that thing with courier,even if it is at enemys foundain it can collect item?(just bought courier,got him away ,used collect item and voila in his inventory)

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