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one is missing.

Link me

you put yourself 8 links about not having credits and now you ask ppl about it?

WTF dude.

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i wanna express a point


If someone from MxC leeches a guide from somewhere else he gets banned

mxc wants user not to leech,or at least give proper credits

if someone from L2Vault see these guides w/o credits who will flame?e MOD/Admin for leting these here like that

So Erol or give credits or make req for j/k


other ppl's great work must be recognised


if it was anyone else,would be banned/dekarmed


and u are Staff,you should give example to users...and instead of dekarma u get karma...i wanna see if the next day 5-6 users start this LEECHING..what will u say

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Then learn how to make a simple topic LMAO

hahahahah erol edit topics and now he give wrong credits hhahahahaha

i said it 100 times. Credits are not mine. I didn't wanted to give the link of the other forum.

If you still can't get it, tell me to draw it.


@ Finito:

i said already 2 times. Credits are not mine, i just didn't wanted to link the other forum like noob finito did.

Purpose of all these topics wasn't the karma.

If i need karma i may start sharing at l2j section. ;)


+ it is a damn guide. It's not a l2j/l2off mod or client mod which can be consider as invention of someone.

As i said 100 times, credits is not mine, why does it matter if i give the link of the other forum or not.

Those guides are just as translating the game, and real credits should belong to NCSoft.



Chucky gave me that fakin karma for improving l2 section, however i never asked and expected for a reward about that and ......

i said 100 times: Fix my karma if you want ... Till then stop bitching me.

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