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Pro Cs Config Pack

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A long time ago while i was playing cs (owning noobs) - i got bored. So i decided to surf around some random cs forums..

While i was surfing, i noticed that on every forum there's allways some one who needs a config from a pro player. well, it's kinda annoying with all those threads about "WHERE CAN I GET SPAWN'S CONFIG!?" - so i thought why not make a gigantic

Config pack? ... And so i did!

After a couple of days i've gathered around 100 configs, but i kept going!

And now! I'm ready to realese it.




- I'm missing configs from Mouz and some other teams.


- This file contains 505 configs.

Icluding old, new ones, and server configs :)


- The file size is just aorung 10 mb.




- adrenaL!n awesome config website.


- satanioN amazinng cs site


- And some random sites.. Can't remeber the names.




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