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[AIO] Lineage ][ CoMiCs ^.^

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Oka! I found some extra-funny comics on lineage.pmfun.com and i thought it would be nice to post them here. Credits To : l2grind.com ( I have uploaded them at imagesack because they are 27 comics and it wont be comfortable for the reader to see them.


First Comic : Subject PvP


2nd comic : Subject Damn Spiders ^.^


3rd comic : Subject ZzZzZ


4th comic : Subject Oracle Vs Cleric ( THE ETERNAL FIGHT)


5th Comic : Subject Panties ! :P


6th Comic : Subject Happy Valentine's Day


7th Comic : Subject Random Party...


8th Comic : Subject Reccomend Whore ^^


9th Comic : Subject Wolf Quest...


10th  Comic : Subject Sexy <3  (lol)


11th Comic : Subject The Elpy And You


12th Comic : Subject Scam N00bz


13th Comic : Subject SOE or SOL ?


14th Comic : Subject Buffs Please ^.^


15th Comic : Subject Chronicle 2 Conspiracy ...


16th Comic : Subject THE n00bz


17th Comic : Subject RAGE!!!!


18th Comic : Subject It all is a fashion statement...


19th Comic : Subject ( Probably you won't understand it if you haven't played on low rate srvs ) Griefers


20th Comic : Subject Pt plz !!!


21th Comic : Subject Pt Benefits :D


22th Comic : Subject Joy Ridding


23th Comic : Subject Scroll Of WTF ???


24th Comic : Subject Healer's Sacrifise


25th Comic : Subject WTS...( funny as hell xD)


26th Comic : Subject BSPS..( THE FUNNIEST COMIC EVER??)


27th Comic : Subject Kat The Cat



So this is It !!! I think that is a very good topic cause ya'know l2 is FUN!!! Anyway it took me almost 3 hours and 30 minutes, so please stick it so it will not be forgotten...





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/request for sticky and karma :D come on men wtf is this ? xD you think some1 will sit and read it ? is good for kids 7-10 years old i think we have many :s

well i have made a big effort and because its is an AIO it would be nc to be in the upper section :P


*EDIT* seems that u are a seven year old boy ,cause u read it too... ;P

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Cuz that prove u are kid with this images but w/e :)

i am a kid and that's the way aha aha i like it !!!! Hey do u guyz have any problem with my topics.... i spent almost 4 hours trying to prepare this and i won't stand a word saying that all the effort i did was for nothing...
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Wtf it is l2 comics. What is your problems mature boys? Idiots......




Well i like them. Especially the "panties" one. ^.^

THNX! Finally somoene who is not a retardo >.< Thnx br0
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well i have made a big effort and because its is an AIO it would be nc to be in the upper section :P


*EDIT* seems that u are a seven year old boy ,cause u read it too... ;P

i dont read it i just see what is and i go out from this topic if you wanna talk with me again send pm i am litle busy the last week and i dont care too much about comics i dont read comic when i was 5-10 years old i will not read now.

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