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  1. I can only play lineage II using window mode...guess it'll never work?
  2. Old server exile was awesome, let's hope this one will be the same, or even better. Hands up
  3. What the admin mean (i guess), is that every class can only wear wht their passive's allow them to PP's have light, robe, heavy passive...So they can use all kinda of armors. Archers/Daggers, have Light passive only...So they can only wear Light armors. Dunno if you get it, if you dont....Sorry but there's no cure for that. Server is good, could be improved on some aspects, but better then most of other servers around.
  4. bah, it sucks for new comers then :s
  5. rofl I failed, and posted it on the wrong server. sry guys
  6. offtopic AndRewu, ur sign made me ROFL irl
  7. Hard to find faction server, wich is not l2j...