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[Dota] [Other] AI Map Commands

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check it inside the map info (F9) Also when you download an AI map in a zip file, it usually comes with a readme.txt


AI Modes




All towers and the ancient regenerates HP.


-highexp(-he), -highgold(-hg), -normexp(-ne)

Modifies the exp/gold gained by the AI players. For more info, see AI




Exp gained by AI players is normal at the start. They gain 15% bonus exp rate

each time they die and lose 15% bonus exp rate each time they kill. Maximum of

100% exp rate (which is 90% for now) and minimum of 0% bonus exp (which is the

normal exp rate)



Super creeps spawns every 2 minutes starting at the 4th minute. The first spawn

is a Scary fish. Hydra doesn't spawn till the 20th minute onwards. There will

be 2 Super creeps spawned after the 40th minute. The super creeps are also

spawned on the same lane.




For all player numbers in the commands - 1-5 covers the sentinel players and

6-10 the scourge players (6 - pink player etc.).


AI Commands



Only the chosen players (notified by a message) can use the commands.


Type "-o", "-c" or " c" before any of these commands: (ex. "-oa", "-ca", " ca"

are all legal)


Note: XX refers to player number (1,2,..,10), you can type more than 1 player

number using "," (ex. "-oa 2,4,5")


a or a XX:

AI attacks enemy base. This can be used to cancel sd. When you use this, the

bots are unable to attack neutral creep camps or defend for a while.


d or d XX:

AI defends the base.


sd XX:

AI stays to the base to defend. They will not end their defending when there

are no more intruders in base. Cancel it by ordering the bot to attack.


b XX:

AI backs a little.


f XX:

AI retreats to fountain.


p[l/m/r/n]: (ex. -cpm )

Tells all allied AI to push at left/mid/right whenever they have the chance to

push. Typing -pn causes the bots to attack to whatever lane they wish.


g[l/m/r] XX: (ex. -cgl 3,5 )

AI goes to a lane immediately. The AI will go to the back of where the allied

creeps in the lane are located.


t XX [target]: (ex. -ct 1,4 8)

Attack target's location if it is visible.


flask, tango:

Have bots use Tango or Flask. Input valid only on 1st minute of game.



Turn neutral creeping on/off. This does not affect Chen.



Turn automatic lane changing on/off.


roshan, roshanXX:

AI attacks Roshan.



Show the command dialog. You can also just type a space to show the dialog.


Other Commands:


-pa(chooses ally), -pe(chooses enemy), -px(cancel choosing)

Only players who were notified can use this. With -pa/-pe you can "pick" for

the ai by clicking on the hero at a tavern. You can only use these commands

while you have not chosen a hero yet or before 1:10.


Use -px to stop choosing for the ai.


If you have not used -pa or -pe within 45 seconds, the bots will pick their

heroes and you may not be able to use -pa/-pe.



Shows the creepstats of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.



Shows the move speed of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.



All nearby ally casts a support spell to you, or an AOE spell if you're

surounded by enemies, or attack an enemy hero near you. Any player can use

this command.


but It's easy, just type



Found at d3scene

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