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[Share]L2Connector v3

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I. Information


This program's purpose is to help people that play in a lot of lineage 2 servers simultaneously this can be done by

having one program instead of like 20 different patches which will consume a lot of MB or even a few GB.

So with this program you can have like <= 65535 servers consuming less than 1MB.

You can change easily between server with a couple clicks and not copy-pasting stuff which takes minutes.

The process of installing a server takes less than 8 seconds.


II. Features


  • You can create,install,remove a server with 2 clicks.
  • You can also get the server's status.
  • You can resolve the ip to server's hostname.
  • You can install a server on hosts with one click.


If someone wants click the ads , because I have enabled this mod.All the money go to charity.




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Thats a wondefull share!


GJ again dude!


+1 karma for me for that share.

Thanks for the karma.


Nice Share....Awesome tool!




I should thank you for the feedback.


Wow again a nice share from you!

Awesome Share! Thanks


Thanks for the feedback too.


Gj mate i'll test it x]


Keep it up!!!


Test it and tell me :P

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