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[Tutorial] FPS HIGH cs 1.6


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In this tutorial you explain how to get rid of known FPS Counter Strike 1.6 tutorial doborat.Acest difficult especially for type motherboards NVIDIA and ATI


~ [1] ~ Do you update the video card with the last driver ..

ATI: www.ati.com


Nvidia: www.Nvidia.com



~ [2] ~ Go to "C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \" folder and browse to the file:

atioglxx.dll "if you have ATI card
"nvoglnt.dll" if you have NVIDIA
"opengl32.dll" if you do not have ATI or Nvidia.

You right click and COPY file.


~ [3] ~ Go to folder "gldrv" in Counter-Strike, is usually located in "Steam \ SteamApps \ account name \ counter-strike \ gldrv.

Inside the folder find 2 files, renamed what you want now press CTRL + V or right click the mouse and click "paste".

You should now see the need to copy the file "system32".


If that file is not where you copied go back to [2].


~ [4] ~ Open the "drvmap.txt" with an editor (notepad)

Delete everything that is written there and write the following work:

"gldrv / nvoglnt.dll OpenGL Driver" (without "") If you have NVIDIA
   "gldrv / atioglxx.dll OpenGL Driver" (without "") If you have ATI boards
   "gldrv/opengl32.dll OpenGL Driver" (without "") If you do not have NVIDIA or ATI

Save and close File.


~ [5] ~ Restart Steam, Counter-strike and start Go to "Options" and select OpenGL click "Apply" and after "OK"

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