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[Share Protection AntiCSDOS] [linux] Cs 1.6


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Description: HLShield is a library which analyzes only CONNECT type requests, which are Bugue and can be operated csdos.pl! It's synonymous ANTICSDOS by windows!

* csdos.pl - a script that can attack and it blocks only nonsteam servers to connect players no longer on the server, the error given the channel overflood.

Credits:Serghei Amelian


1. Log-in server (via ssh, or directly to the console)!

2. Go to the directory where you installed the cstrike server (where the file hlds_run)!

3. Run the code below:

wget http://hobby.sarichioi.com/cstrike/hlshield-install.sh
chmod 755 hlshield-install.sh

4. Restart the server Counter Strike!

5. Check that when the server starts to write in console something like:

[AMXX] Loaded 28 admins from file
HLShield[10062]: HLShield 1.11 - (c) 2007 by Serghei Amelian
Master server communication disabled.




HLSHIELD_REPLY- enables a response more or less funny cătrebuie attacker

HLSHIELD_INTERVAL- prohibit a particular IP to send too many connection requests in a short time

HLSHIELD_REMOVE- delete certain characters in nickname players

HLSHIELD_CHECKONLY- binding site HLShield not change anything in the connection request coming from client

HLSHIELD_REJECTMULTIPLEDOTS- rejects players who have more points in cvars (to block exploits's Born to be pig)

HLSHIELD_REJECTMULTIPLEDOTS_MSG- send a message to warn the player that is not allowed to consecutive points nickname


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