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[Exploit] New Enchant Exploit

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This is what you do....


1st) Buy any cheap Dgrade Armor or Jewelry (not a weapon).

2nd) Buy 6 Enchant Armor D's

3rd) Get one Enchant Weapon B(grade that you are wanting to enchant, for this we will say Dual SLS).

4th) Go ahead and plus up your D armor or Jewelry to +3 and your Dual SLS to +3 as well.

5th) Put your 3 left over EADs and your 1 EWB on your hotbar


6th) This is were you have to be quick about it. Enchant your Darmor or Jewelry +1. See if it breaks. AS SOON AS IT BREAKS ENCHANT YOUR WEAPON.

IE: you hit F1 and you blow that +3 Darmor going to +4 then you will press F4 and enchant those Dual SLS to +4.


How does this work and why is only 80% successful. Well this is lineage 2 the odds are against you and nothing with enchanting is 100%. All your doing is taking that chance of breaking your weapon right off the bat out of the question when doing this which leave you open for success. Side note: Only try this once a day. You do it multiple times a day you greatly reduce your success rate.


I have personally used this. I have made many +8-10 Weapons. I sell most of them after +8. Today alone I made a +5 Dual SLS and +4 Dual Raids (different accounts).

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You forgot the step: Swim at the water so the items gets colder and doesn't break.

I will be clear:


This will NEVER work


You were just lucky.

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sometimes thinks like that helps at enchanting (dunno why) i personaly made with a little different trick 1 weapon from +8 to +25 rate 80 % in 5 minutes and at the beginging i  thought that this tricks works 100% but the 2nd weapon i tried it broke to +12

anyway its a good trick and stop flame the person that post it here

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Lucky 8 times? :D


Yes. It's luck. Neither NCSoft nor l2j forks use random number tables, so the chance is fully random. Even if you just failed 2800 enchants in a row, you have the same chance to enchant the 2801st time.

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Altho, I kinda like the l2 client side enchant packet system..


I don't know if someone noticed, but if you start enchanting a HD and a DHA you will see that 70% of the brokes HD will brake first and DHA will go upper and brake too..


Same for AM and Imperial staff..


its just so cool and funny, cuz its not even coded this way in java ^^

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