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[Share] Ultimate Gore[Plugin] Cs 1.6


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Description: As the title says, when you kill a player jump a lot of pieces of it ... the skull, tests, etc.. :)

Name: Amx_Gore_Ultimate

Credits by : M2tant


Version: 1.5

Link official: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=19346



1. Amx_gore_ultimate.amxx copy the file to cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ plugins


2. Added to the end, to the file cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs \ plugins.ini following line:


Cvar's (add to the file amxmodx \ configs \ amxx.cfg):

amx_gore "ABCD" - where


     of - blood on shot in the head (headshot)

     b - Extra blood effects

     c - bleeding in less healthy

     d - Explosion MiB

     e - the extra Gory

     f - hostages Gore (CS / CZ only)


amx_gore_exphp 160 - the amount of health to be lost to death for a player to 'blow'


Modules required (to remove, the front modules below, they are found in the file amxmodx \ configs \ modules.ini):



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Ty,i was searching for days for this plugin.I was ready to start a topic for this  ;D

BTW,it works perfect ;)


Yeah me too! Tryed it out second ago and I can assure that it's working PERFECTLY! ( Good Share ) !

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