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  1. Works very good, this mod can really scare some little peeps, if installed in your local internet caffe ^^
  2. Great guide - simple, has download links to everything you need.
  3. Works on L2Java (Interlude server). Thanks for share.
  4. Doesn't work for me. When I press the cats buff skill and change sub, the cat just dissapears with the annimation of casting the buff itself. Maybe this thing is fixed in my server(L2Scryde).
  5. Touch of Life: Gives holy blessings by sacrificing your HP. Recovers HP drastically and increases HP regeneration, tolerance to buff cancel attack, tolerance to debuff attack, effectiveness of receiving HP recovery magic. At the servers which I tested it works as the normal buff. Yes I have info that in some of the servers this is fixed and u get only the icon of the buff, not the buff itself. Raule: merged, do not double post.
  6. On the following servers, it works as a charm (In other words - yes).
  7. You will be needing: 1. Probably a High-Rates Interlude server; 2. First account with a lv78 Paladin; 3. Second account with the charater you wish to add limitless "Touch of Life" Buff (for example: SpH lv70); 4. A PC that is able to run two Lineage]['s at one time. Let me begin. STEP 1: Login with the lv78 Paladin and go to any NPC that can change sub classes (ex.: Orc Guild in Giran). STEP 2: Login with the second account that has the character which you want to add Touch of Life to. (ex.: lv70 SpH..). STEP 3: With the second character (lv70 SpH) go to the sam
  8. It's great, but it would be even better if the shop would be in English.
  9. I think there is something really wrong with the post. It says that I need 250 posts to see it, but i can see it with a 100+. Should be fixed in my oppinion.
  10. Thx for the exploit i remember it from when i was playng WoW
  11. Thanks for sharing this guide with us mate!