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  1. Thanks for testing and grats to all there it work to other i think it will be the timing
  2. Hi guys. I find this bug randomly so you can buff your main/subclass with your main/subclass! But sorry i dont have any screen its was so fast and radom that i find that. I have test it with petbuffs(example:Bless of Seraphim). So summon your pet click the buff you would take and when the animation is almost over change your sub fast.then you dont have the buff on your summon class but on the other.Maybe not so importent for highrates but on low rates petbuffs very rar. Works on Gracia Path 2you need perfect timing!!! Please check it out and post replay. Sorry 4 bad english
  3. Its an good Server.I think i will enjoy there..
  4. There are few english people but its an german serverproject.Use in forum google translator
  5. Entchanting a dagger only for style make great Dyes like +4 Con -4 Str / +1 Con -1 Str(+4 Wit -4Int/Men(faster skill reuse) / +4 Dex -4Str
  6. I´ve test it on one server but it work 100% on L2German! First start the game and Log in with your account then minimize game(Windowsbuttom,Alt+Tab but better in window modus(Alt+Enter).Start the task manager(Alt+Del+STRG) click on Processes and search a exe named l2gerprotect.exe(on other servers look what exe starts with your l2.exe in same time). Close the l2gerprotect.exe and start the second l2.exe Log in and finished. When you will dualboxing with more accounts than 2 do the same. Attention:You cant can relogin with the first startet l2.exe you cant login when the l2gerprotect