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  1. A Fantasy Lineage2 world server, where all that you know from the normal Lineage2 is different. Open your mind for something new. Come and see with your own eyes. This server is not a retail server, with normal stats, armors. It's a very customized server. Special Weapons Special Armors Special Zones Special Buffer Special NPC alot of custom stuff. Come and give it a try, and if you like it, you can stay.
  2. edw exw tin teleftea ekdosi tou oog walker me crack ola ta credits gia to crack paneedw
  3. ston serv pou paizw mpenw ola kanonika me to OOG WALKER 10.9.3 cracked ola ta creadit gia to crack pane edw OOG WALKER 10.9.3 CRACKED ENGLISH:
  4. ne doulevi mia xara alla einai ig gia to oog einai ligo diskolo na setaris...
  5. alithevi oti gia ton latest client den xriazete na vazoume TOKENS sto l2waker? kai kati akoma otan sindeome me twn walker se ena server den mou emfanizi tpt oute npc oute mobs kai otan kanw mia kinisi na kouni8i mou vgazi packet error... kai me kseloggari, uparxi tropos na dior8o8i kai na doulevi kanonika?
  6. 8a to dokimasw se diaforous srvrs, an doulevi akoma 8a kanw replay
  7. im a registered member since feb 2007 and i still have low posts and i cant see anything so lets post...