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Need help at l2rox.net (gracia final)


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Hi guys :)

I`m playing at l2rox.net and I`m trying to start l2walker there, but i cant`t.


I have edit host file to      localhost l2authd.lineage2.com L2testauthd.lineage2.com


i`m using software with name WABY to connect to l2rox.net server ip while logging in, before it i`m starting l2 with lL2Walker2.17d, everything work correctly, game is start, i can sit down and stand up or use skills by using l2w but when i push start combat button to attack by l2w its target a mob, atack for some secound and than i got msg in system box that im banned blablabla, and my acc is banned :(

I have also try to use "disable gameguard" and "simulate gameguard" in l2w menu, but everything is the same :(


I would be gratefully if any smart player will help me :) 

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l2 walker at l2rox server doesnt work...the only u can do is to take windows 7 to your pc..then u can download the l2net.(walker)...only with this u can use walker on this server



Don't do undig is not allowed. You already punished.



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